Amend CSHB 1869 (house committee report) on page 2 by striking lines 5 through 13 and substituting the following:
(9)  "Designated infrastructure" means:
(A)  infrastructure, including a facility, equipment, rights-of-way, or land, for the following purposes:
(i)  streets, roads, highways, bridges, sidewalks, parks, landfills, or airports;
(ii)  telecommunications, wireless communications, information technology systems, applications, hardware, or software;
(iii)  cyber security;
(iv)  as part of any school district, hospital district created by general or special law that includes a teaching hospital, utility system, water supply project, water plant, wastewater plant, water and wastewater distribution or conveyance facility, wharf, dock, or flood control and drainage project; or
(v)  police stations, fire stations, or other public safety facilities, jails, juvenile detention facilities, or judicial facilities;
(B)  emergency vehicles for police, fire, or emergency medical services;
(C)  maintenance vehicles; or
(D)  heavy equipment or machinery.