Amend HB 1927 (senate committee printing) as follows:
(1)  In the recital to SECTION 23 of the bill (page 8, line 9), between "(a-4)," and "and (g-2)", insert "(a-5),".
(2)  In SECTION 23 of the bill, after added Section 46.03(a-4), Penal Code (page 9, between lines 36 and 37), insert the following:
(a-5)  A person commits an offense if the person carries a firearm on property in the Capitol Complex, as defined by Section 411.061, Government Code, regardless of whether the person holds a license to carry a handgun issued under Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code.
(3)  In SECTION 23 of the bill, in added Section 46.03(g-2), Penal Code (page 10, line 14), strike "or (a-4)" and substitute "(a-4), or (a-5)".