Amend CSHB 3752 (house committee printing) on page 2, immediately following line 27, by inserting the following appropriately numbered section and renumbering subsequent sections and cross-references to those sections accordingly:
Sec.____.  CONSIDERATIONS AND GUIDING PRINCIPLES FOR DEVELOPING HEALTH BENEFITS OFFERINGS. In developing health benefits or health benefit plan options to be offered through a subsidiary of the company, the company shall fully explore all health coverage options that may be offered under this subchapter and place emphasis on:
(1)  increasing competition in the health insurance market;
(2)  utilizing innovations that improve the quality of health care while lowering health care costs;
(3)  ensuring coverage and access to care for individuals in this state with preexisting conditions;
(4)  leveraging federal tax credits that may be available for private health benefit coverage to the greatest extent possible to increase the affordability of health benefit coverage;
(5)  ensuring transparency and coherence of costs and coverage to inform individuals shopping for health benefits; and
(6)  reducing incidences of medical debt faced by individuals in this state and uncompensated care faced by providers in this state.