Amend CSHB 3880 (senate committee printing) by striking SECTIONS 2-17 of the bill (page 1, line 28, through page 8, line 54), substituting the following SECTIONS of the bill, and renumbering subsequent SECTIONS of the bill accordingly:
SECTION 2.  STUDY OF STATE STATUTES AND RULES REGARDING STUDENTS WITH DYSLEXIA AND RELATED DISORDERS. (a) Not later than September 30, 2021, the State Board of Education shall review and revise board rules adopted under the Texas Administrative Code relating to diagnosing and instructing students with dyslexia and related disorders, the effectiveness of those rules, and the methods of providing assistance and support to those students under those rules.
(b)  The State Board of Education, in consultation with the Texas Education Agency, shall consider, in reviewing and revising rules under Subsection (b):
(1)  the method for school districts to provide in plain English the procedures, timelines, processes, and rights for parents of students with special needs; and
(2)  the right of parents to request a screening for dyslexia and related disorders under Section 38.003 or a full individual and initial evaluation for special education services under Section 29.004.
(c)  The Texas Education Agency shall assist the State Board of Education in conducting the study under this section.
(d)  The State Board of Education may conduct public hearings to gain feedback from educators, stakeholders, and parents and guardians of students diagnosed with dyslexia and related disorders regarding the effectiveness of current statutes and rules.
(e)  Not later than December 31, 2022, the State Board of Education shall submit a report to each standing committee of the legislature with jurisdiction over public education that includes the results of the study and any recommendations of the board related to the study, statutory changes, and changes to the rules relating to students with dyslexia and other related disorders.
SECTION 3.  EXPIRATION. This Act expires September 1, 2023.