Amend CSHB 3927 (senate committee report) as follows:
(1)  In SECTION 1 of the bill, in amended Section 503.0626(c), Transportation Code (page 1, line 34), strike "506.0632(g)" and substitute "503.0632(f)".
(2)  In the recital to SECTION 2 of the bill (page 1, line 40), strike "Subsection (i)" and substitute "Subsections (i) and (j)".
(3)  In SECTION 2 of the bill, immediately following added Section 503.063(i), Transportation Code (page 1, between lines 52 and 53), insert the following:
(j)  A vehicle may be issued and display a buyer's tag without satisfying the inspection requirements of Chapter 548 if the vehicle is purchased at public auction in this state and is:
(1)  an antique vehicle as defined by Section 683.077(b); or
(2)  a special interest vehicle as defined by Section 683.077(b) that:
(A)  is at least 12 years of age; and
(B)  has been the subject of a retail sale.
(4)  In SECTION 3 of the bill, in amended Section 503.0631(c), Transportation Code (page 2, line 7), strike "506.0632(g)" and substitute "503.0632(f)".
(5)  In SECTION 4 of the bill, strike added Sections 503.0632(e), (f), and (g), Transportation Code (page 2, lines 41-67), and substitute the following:
(e)  The department shall monitor the number of temporary tags obtained by a dealer or converter.
(f)  If the department determines that a dealer or converter is fraudulently obtaining temporary tags from the temporary tag database, the department may, after giving notice electronically and by certified mail to the dealer or converter, deny access to a temporary tag database to the dealer or converter. A dealer or converter denied access to a temporary tag database under this subsection may request a hearing on the denial as provided by Subchapter O, Chapter 2301, Occupations Code.