Amend CSSB 1 (house committee report) in Article IX of the bill, amend Section 13.02. Report of Additional Funding (page IX-63), by inserting the following new section after Subsection (c) and renumbering subsequent subsections accordingly:
(d)(1)  Notwithstanding 13.02 (a)-(c) of this Section, in the event one or more state agencies are awarded, by the United States government, a combined amount greater than or equal to $1 billion in federal stimulus funds or other one-time allocations appropriated through legislation separate from the annual federal appropriations bills and as appropriated by this Act, the House Appropriations Committee and the Senate Committee on Finance shall hold a public hearing(s), joint or separately, within 120 days of the enactment of the federal legislation to require prior approval of any federal funds appropriated to the state under such federal legislation.
(2)  The appropriation of the funds described in Subsection (d)(1) is contingent on certification by the secretary of the senate and the chief clerk of the House of Representatives to the comptroller of public accounts that the hearings required under Subsection (e)(1) have occurred.