Amend Amendment No. 26 by Slaton to CSSB 1 (page 50, prefiled amendments packet) as follows:
(1)  Strike Items (5) and (6) of the amendment and substitute the following:
(5)  Add the following appropriately numbered rider following the Article III appropriations to the Texas Education Agency (page III-3) and renumber subsequent riders accordingly:
____.  Additional Funds for School District Property Tax Relief. In addition to other amounts appropriated by this Act to the Texas Education Agency, the amount of $100,000,000 is appropriated out of the General Revenue Fund to the Texas Education Agency for the state fiscal year ending August 31, 2022, for use in providing school district property tax relief by reducing the state compression percentage, as defined by Section 48.255, Education Code.
(2)  Renumber items of the amendment appropriately.