Amend the amendment on page 73 by Minjarez by striking the text and replacing with the following new rider:
____.  Multi-Assistance Center Demonstration Project.  (a)  The Health and Human Services Commission shall, out of funds appropriated pursuant to Article IX Section 13.01, support a demonstration project providing comprehensive medical, therapeutic, and non-medical services to adults and children with special needs. The funds shall assist a demonstration project utilizing a one-stop shop model, providing on-site services to adults and children with special needs in Bexar County and the south Texas region. The model shall employ staff to serve as single point of contact to coordinate and support client needs with community partners. Funds allocated to this initiative pursuant to this provision shall not exceed $7,500,000 for the 2022-23 biennium.
(b)  HHSC shall report to the Legislative Budget Board and governor by August 31, 2023, detailing a review of the demonstration project and outlining best practices to implement the model elsewhere in the state. Notwithstanding the limitations in Rider 84, Limitations on Transfer Authority, HHSC may transfer funds among strategies in its bill pattern to efficiently implement these provisions upon prior notification to the Legislative Budget Board. HHSC shall identify and pursue opportunities to use any available federal or other non-general revenue source of funds to implement this project.