Amend CSSB 1 as follows:
On page II-88 of the Health and Human Services Commission bill pattern, amend Rider 136 as follows:
136.  Child Care Accessibility and Affordability Study. Out of funds appropriated above in Strategy L.1.1, HHS System Supports, the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) shall develop a report regarding child care accessibility and affordability.
(a)  While developing the report, HHSC shall consult the following individuals:
(1)  Two child development professionals who are licensed to practice in this state, one of whom must specialize in early childhood education;
(2)  One representative of a state employee organization described in Government Code Sec. 403.0165;
(3)  One representative of an organization representing the interests of licensed child-care facilities;
(4)  One social worker licensed to practice in this state;
(5)  One community advocate for child care workers;
(6)  One representative of the business community in this state;
(7)  One representative of or director of a private child care facility;
(8)  One home-based child care provider; [and]
(9)  One state employee who is a parent of not less than one school-aged child[.]; and
(10)  One representative from the Texas Workforce Commission.
(b)  In consultation with the individuals identified in Subsection (a), and subject to the availability of funds, HHSC shall:
(1)  conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the accessibility and affordability of child care in this state;
(2)  develop recommendations to incentivize employer-supported child care;
(3)  create a cost-estimate model to project the cost of providing safe, accessible, and affordable child care to anyone in the state who needs to use child care;
(4)  identify regions of the state in which child care is less accessible than in the state at large, and recommendations for improving the availability of child care in those regions, including:
(A)  proposing policies that will address racial, ethnic, and any geographic disparity and proportionality in the delivery of child care services; and
(B)  identifying opportunities to streamline the child care licensing requirements and to facilitate development and construction of additional child care facilities.
(5)  conduct a survey of state employees to better understand the barriers to accessing and affording child care.
While collecting the information identified in Subsections (b)(1) through (b)(5), HHSC may work with other state agencies that collect similar information.
(c)  Not later than December 31, 2022, HHSC shall submit a report to the governor, lieutenant governor, speaker of the house, and members of the legislature. The report shall include:
(1)  a summary of the accessibility and affordability of child care to state employees, as determined by the survey in Subsection (b)(5); and
(2)  a plan to provide accessible and affordable child care to all families in the state by the year 2030.