Amend CSSB 1 as follows:
(1)  In Article II of the bill, following the appropriations to the Health and Human Services Commission (page II-91), by adding the following appropriately numbered rider:
____.  Postpartum Depression Screening and Treatment Report. The Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), in coordination with the Department of State Health Services, shall submit a report on prevalence, screening, and treatment of postpartum depression. The report shall include recommendations to increase utilization of the screening and treatment within women's health programs, to increase the treatment of postpartum depression provided by the local mental health authorities, and to increase continuity of care. The report shall also identify any factors related to health disparities or issues related to disproportionality. HHSC shall work with women's health providers and stakeholders to identify recommendations to improve access to care and treatment. Not later than October 1, 2022, HHSC shall submit the report to the Legislative Budget Board, the Office of the Governor, and the legislature.