Amend Amendment No. 79 by Guillen to CSSB 1 (page 145, prefiled amendments packet) by striking page 1, lines 6-19, of the amendment and substituting the following:
____.  Contingent Appropriation: On Ramps Dual Enrollment Course Reimbursement. Out of money appropriated to the Texas Education Agency under Section 13.01, Article IX, notwithstanding Section 13.02, Article IX, and to the extent authorized by federal law, the commissioner of education shall allocate, in addition to other amounts allocated under this Act for this purpose, for each state fiscal year of the state fiscal biennium beginning September 1, 2021, an amount equal to the lesser of $2,500,000 or the total amount of that money that may be spent for purposes of this section to provide reimbursement to school districts for costs related to students taking On Ramps Dual Enrollment courses.