Amend CSSB 1 (house committee printing), in Article III of the bill, following appropriations to the Teacher Retirement System (page III-36), by adding the following appropriately numbered rider:
____.  Supplemental Annuity Payment to Retirees of Teacher Retirement System. (a) To the extent possible and out of general revenue funds appropriated to the Teacher Retirement System under this Act, the board of trustees of the retirement system shall provide a one-time supplemental payment to each retiree of the retirement system who is eligible for an annuity payment in the calendar month in which the retirement system issues the payment. Except as provided by Subsection (b), the amount of the supplemental payment must equal the gross amount of the regular retirement benefit payment to which the retiree is otherwise entitled for that calendar month.
(b)  If the board of trustees of the Teacher Retirement System determines that providing a supplemental payment in the amount required by Subsection (a) is prohibited under Section 821.006, Government Code, because, as a result of providing the supplemental payment, the time required to amortize the unfunded actuarial liabilities of the retirement system would be increased to a period that exceeds 30 years by one or more years, the board of trustees shall reduce the amount of the supplemental payment to the maximum amount that would otherwise be permitted by that section.