Amend Amendment No. 92 by Howard to CSSB 1 (page 164-165, prefiled amendments packet) on page 2 by adding the following item:
(2)  On page III-51 of the Higher Education Coordinating Board bill pattern, amend the following rider:
5.  Student Loan Program. All monies and future receipts in the Texas Opportunity Plan Fund and the Texas College Student Loan Bonds Interest and Sinking Fund, the Student Loan Auxiliary Fund, and the Student Loan Revenue Fund are hereby appropriated to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, for the purposes specified in Article III, §§ 50b-4, 50b-5, 50b-6 and 50b-7 of the Texas Constitution and Education Code §§ 52.01-52.91 and 56.121-56.135. Any payments received on B-On-Time loans shall be deposited to the General Revenue Fund and are hereby appropriated to Strategy A.1.2 for administration of the loan program. Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs) employed by the coordinating board paid exclusively with bond proceeds appropriated in this rider who are employed only to support the College Access Loans Program are excluded from the coordinating board's FTE limit and exempted from the provisions set out in Article IX, § 6.10.