Amend Amendment No. 96 by S. Thompson to CSSB 1 (page 169, prefiled amendments packet) by striking the text of the amendment and substituting the following:
Amend CSSB 1 (house committee printing), in Article III of the bill, following the appropriations to Prairie View A&M University (page III-95), by adding the following appropriately numbered rider:
____.  Report on Police Brutality. (a) Out of funds appropriated above, the Center for Race and Justice at Prairie View A&M University shall conduct a study on the use of deadly force and police brutality in current policing procedures.
(b)  The study must:
(1)  examine the practices of state and local law enforcement agencies;
(2)  review available data regarding the individuals affected by and the outcomes of the practices described by Subdivision (1) of this subsection;
(3)  identify any racial disparities in the data reviewed under Subdivision (2) of this subsection; and
(4)  consider whether there is a connection between any racial disparities identified under Subdivision (3) of this subsection and the policies adopted by state and local law enforcement agencies.
(c)  In conducting the study, Prairie View A&M University may coordinate with the Department of Public Safety, the Commission on Law Enforcement, and other agencies as needed.
(d)  Not later than May 25, 2022, the Center for Race and Justice at Prairie View A&M University shall submit to the governor, the lieutenant governor, and each member of the legislature a report that includes the results of the study conducted under this rider.