Amend CSSB 7 (house committee printing) as follows:
(1)  On page 13, strike lines 20-22 and substitute:
(a)  A person commits an offense if the person:
(1)  votes or attempts to vote in an election if [in which] the person knows:
(A)  of particular circumstances that make the person ineligible [is not eligible] to vote in the election; and
(B)  that those circumstances make the person ineligible to vote in the election;
(2)  Add the following appropriately numbered SECTIONS to the bill and renumber subsequent SECTIONS of the bill accordingly:
SECTION ____.  The change in law made by this Act applies to an offense under Section 64.012(a)(1), Election Code, regardless of whether the offense was committed before, on, or after the effective date of this Act.
SECTION ____.  Chapter 42, Code of Criminal Procedure, is amended by adding Article 42.0194 to read as follows:
Art. 42.0194.  FINDING REGARDING FELONY CONVICTION. In the trial of a felony offense, if the defendant is 18 years of age or older and is adjudged guilty of the offense, the court shall:
(1)  make an affirmative finding that the person has been found guilty of a felony and enter the affirmative finding in the judgment of the case; and
(2)  instruct the defendant regarding how the felony conviction will impact the defendant's right to vote in this state.