Amend CSSB 1267 (senate committee report) as follows:
(1)  In the recital to SECTION 3 of the bill (page 1, line 56), strike "Sections 21.054(d)" and substitute "Sections 21.054(a), (d)".
(2)  In SECTION 3 of the bill, immediately following the recital (page 1, between lines 57 and 58), insert the following:
(a)  The board shall propose rules establishing a process for identifying continuing education courses and programs that fulfill educators' continuing education requirements, including:
(1)  opportunities for educators to receive micro-credentials in fields of study related to the educator's certification class as provided by Subsection (i); and
(2)  courses and programs related to standards for the renewal of an educator's certificate, including standards for educating students with disabilities.