Amend CSSB 2028 (senate committee printing) as follows:
(1)  In SECTION 1 of the bill, in the recital (page 1, line 25), between "Sections" and "531.024142", insert "531.02121,".
(2)  In SECTION 1 of the bill, immediately following the recital (page 1, between lines 26 and 27), insert the following:
Sec. 531.02121.  EXPANDED ELIGIBILITY FOR MEDICAID. The executive commissioner shall prepare and seek a waiver under Section 1115 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. Section 1315) or other applicable federal law to the state Medicaid plan to expand to the maximum extent permitted by federal law the categories of persons eligible for Medicaid benefits to include all persons for whom federal matching funds are available. The waiver must be designed to:
(1)  maximize the reduction in the number of uninsured residents of this state;
(2)  promote personal responsibility with respect to health care;
(3)  increase the efficiency of the delivery of health care services;
(4)  increase the accessibility of health care services; and
(5)  reduce health care costs.
(3)  In SECTION 14 of the bill (page 5, line 35), strike "If" and substitute "Except as otherwise provided by Section 531.02121, Government Code, as added by this Act, if".