87R8792 JCG-D
  By: Davis H.B. No. 3065
  relating to the creation of a commission to study the terminology of
  the penal laws and the justice system of this state.
  AND JUSTICE SYSTEM OF THIS STATE. (a)  A commission is created to
  study and review the terminology used in the penal laws and the
  justice system of this state, including the use of the words
  "crime," "criminal," "police," "police officer," and other similar
         (b)  The commission shall:
               (1)  consider the use of terminology described by
  Subsection (a) of this section and evaluate whether the use of that
  terminology has a negative impact on the involvement of persons in
  the justice system of this state; and
               (2)  make recommendations to the legislature regarding
  any changes in terminology described by Subsection (a) of this
  section that may help to reduce the involvement of persons in the
  justice system of this state.
         (c)  The commission is composed of one representative from
  each of the following entities, appointed by the administrative
  head of that entity:
               (1)  the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement;
               (2)  the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board;
               (3)  the Caruth Police Institute located at the
  University of North Texas at Dallas;
               (4)  the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas
  Retiree Association; and
               (5)  the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management
  Institute of Texas located at Sam Houston State University.
         (d)  The entities making appointments under Subsection (c)
  of this section shall, to the greatest extent practicable, ensure
  that the composition of the commission reflects the racial and
  ethnic composition of the state.
         (e)  The members shall designate one member of the commission
  to serve as the presiding officer of the commission and another
  member of the commission to serve as the assistant presiding
  officer of the commission.
         (f)  A member of the commission is not entitled to
  compensation or reimbursement of expenses.
         (g)  The commission shall meet at the call of the presiding
         (h)  As reasonable and necessary for the commission to
  fulfill the commission's duties under this Act:
               (1)  The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement shall
  provide administrative support to the commission; and
               (2)  Prairie View A&M University shall provide research
  assistance to the commission.
         (i)  Not later than November 1, 2022, the commission shall
  report the commission's findings and recommendations to the
  governor, the lieutenant governor, the speaker of the house of
  representatives, and the standing committees of the house of
  representatives and the senate with primary jurisdiction over
  criminal justice matters. The commission shall include in its
  recommendations any specific statutes that the commission
  recommends revising or repealing.
         SECTION 2.  APPOINTMENT OF MEMBERS.  Not later than the 60th
  day after the effective date of this Act, the entities making
  appointments under Section 1(c) of this Act shall appoint the
  members of the commission created under this Act.
         SECTION 3.  ABOLITION OF COMMISSION. The commission is
  abolished and this Act expires December 31, 2022.
         SECTION 4.  EFFECTIVE DATE.  This Act takes effect
  immediately if it receives a vote of two-thirds of all the members
  elected to each house, as provided by Section 39, Article III, Texas
  Constitution.  If this Act does not receive the vote necessary for
  immediate effect, this Act takes effect September 1, 2021.