87R816 SME-D
  By: Swanson, Jetton, Oliverson, H.C.R. No. 2
      Gervin-Hawkins, Minjarez, et al.
         WHEREAS, Each day, countless people are exposed to sexually
  explicit content through a wide range of media, and these consumers
  are often unaware of the health risks posed by such material; and
         WHEREAS, Children are encountering pornography before their
  teens, and this early exposure may lead to low self-esteem and body
  image disorders and an increased desire to engage in risky sexual
  behavior; and
         WHEREAS, Besides promoting unhealthy sexual expectations,
  the adult entertainment industry produces media that objectify
  women and children as well as depict rape and abuse; by associating
  violence with sexual gratification, these materials perpetuate the
  demand for sex trafficking, prostitution, child pornography, and
  sexual abuse images; and
         WHEREAS, Pornography has also been linked to such detrimental
  health effects as brain development complications, emotional and
  medical afflictions, the inability to form and maintain intimate
  relationships, and sexual addiction; these dangers not only affect
  people on an individual level but also contribute to the
  degradation of the family unit, frequently leading to marital
  dissatisfaction and infidelity; and
         WHEREAS, The ubiquity of pornography has resulted in a host
  of societal problems and potentially negative health effects, and
  it is of paramount importance that our leaders tackle this critical
  public health issue; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the 87th Legislature of the State of Texas
  hereby recognize that pornography is a public health hazard; and,
  be it further
         RESOLVED, That the Texas House of Representatives and Senate
  recognize the need for education, prevention, research, and policy
  changes to address the harmful influence and consequences of