87R23156 JGH-D
  By: Ellzey H.R. No. 996
         WHEREAS, The citizens of Ellis County take great pride in the
  area's rich history and in a county government with a deep
  commitment to preserving the region's heritage; and
         WHEREAS, The county was established by the Texas Legislature
  on December 20, 1849, and named for Richard Ellis, president of the
  Convention of 1836 that led to the independence of Texas; during the
  1850s, many Czechs, Hungarians, and Germans settled in the area to
  raise cattle on the rolling Blackland Prairie, and with the arrival
  of the railroad in 1872, cotton farming became essential to the
  county's economy; today, the county benefits from a diversified
  economy based on cotton farming and ranching as well as cement and
  steel production, and it is also a major hub for warehousing and
  distribution; and
         WHEREAS, County seat Waxahachie is widely known as the
  Gingerbread City for its lovely Victorian homes and for its
  handsome courthouse, which was described by author James Michener
  as a "fairy tale palace replete with battlements and turrets and
  spires"; the county also boasts numerous Texas Historical Markers
  celebrating the legacy of its homes, churches, cemeteries, and
  other buildings and sites; and
         WHEREAS, The county is fortunate to have many dedicated
  public officials who work tirelessly to preserve this rich heritage
  while helping to build a more prosperous future; these include
  County Judge Todd Little and the members of the Commissioners
  Court, Randy Stinson of Precinct 1, Lane Grayson of Precinct 2, Paul
  Perry of Precinct 3, and Kyle Butler of Precinct 4, as well as
  district clerk Krystal Valdez, county treasurer Cheryl Chambers,
  and tax assessor Richard Rozier; and
         WHEREAS, The county's expert law enforcement personnel
  include Sheriff Brad Norman and constables Roy Callender Jr. of
  Precinct 1, Casey Borders of Precinct 2, Curtis Polk Jr. of Precinct
  3, and Mike Jones of Precinct 4, as well as justices of the peace
  Chris Macon of Precinct 1, Jackie Miller Jr. of Precinct 2, Dan D.
  Cox of Precinct 3, and Steve Egan of Precinct 4; the courts benefit
  from the efforts of district attorney Ann Montgomery, Judge Jim
  Chapman of County Court at Law 1, Judge A. Gene Calvert Jr. of
  County Court at Law 2, and Judge Joseph R. Gallo of County of Court
  at Law 3; Judge Bob Carroll presides over the 40th Judicial District
  Court, while Judge William D. Wallace presides over the 378th
  Judicial District Court and Judge Cindy Ermatinger presides over
  the 443rd Judicial District Court; and
         WHEREAS, Both picturesque and dynamic, Ellis County is one of
  the great assets of the Lone Star State, and its hardworking and
  innovative residents continue to honor their history as they look
  forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead; now,
  therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 87th Texas
  Legislature hereby pay tribute to the heritage of Ellis County and
  extend to the county's elected officials sincere best wishes for
  continued success in their important work; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
  prepared for Ellis County as an expression of high regard by the
  Texas House of Representatives.