87R25503 JGH-D
  By: Murr H.R. No. 1092
         WHEREAS, Rebecca Lange concluded her service as Llano County
  attorney on December 31, 2020, providing a fitting opportunity to
  recognize her outstanding record of achievement; and
         WHEREAS, The Llano County attorney is responsible for the
  prosecution of misdemeanor, juvenile, truancy, and Department of
  Family Services cases, and after taking office in March 2014,
  Ms. Lange dedicated herself to protecting vulnerable children and
  adults in her community; she oversaw the establishment of the
  county's Community Resource Coordination Group and a mental health
  coalition, and she led the effort to raise grant money for a Boys
  and Girls Club and prosecutorial services for the victims of family
  violence; and
         WHEREAS, A graduate of White Oak High School, Ms. Lange holds
  a bachelor's degree in adapted physical education summa cum laude
  from St. Andrews Presbyterian College; she served in the U.S. Army
  for 26 years on active duty and reserve status as a physical
  therapist, rising to the rank of colonel, and for a time she was a
  member of the presidential medical team assigned to President
  George H. W. Bush; she is a graduate of the U.S. Army-Baylor
  University graduate program in physical therapy and the Command and
  General Staff College; her commendations include receipt of the
  Legion of Merit and induction into the Order of Military Medical
  Merit; and
         WHEREAS, In 2004, Ms. Lange earned her law degree from Texas
  Wesleyan University, and she worked in private practice in the
  Dallas-Fort Worth area before moving to the Hill Country, where she
  was an assistant district attorney with the 33rd & 424th Judicial
  Districts before serving Llano County; she is looking forward to
  the next stage of her career, as a member of the law firm of Brown,
  Lacallade & Lange, P.C.; and
         WHEREAS, Rebecca Lange's commitment, skill, and integrity
  have greatly benefited the citizens of Llano County and earned her
  the respect and admiration of her peers, and she may indeed reflect
  with pride on her accomplishments as she takes on the challenges and
  opportunities of her new position; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 87th Texas
  Legislature hereby commend Rebecca Lange on her service as Llano
  County attorney and extend to her sincere best wishes for continued
  success; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
  prepared for Ms. Lange as an expression of high regard by the Texas
  House of Representatives.