87R26889 BK-D
  By: Price H.R. No. 1393
         WHEREAS, During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic,
  the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, the
  Amarillo Pathology Group, LLP, and APG's Physicians Preferred
  Laboratory, Ltd., came together to address the urgent community
  need for accurate and timely COVID-19 testing; and
         WHEREAS, The demand for diagnostic testing was especially
  acute in March 2020 and the months that followed, as communities
  worked to track and assess the spread of the novel coronavirus; at
  that time, few public health laboratories were equipped to process
  the number of tests that were being requested, which led to the
  formation of a unique partnership between the Texas A&M Veterinary
  Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (TVMDL) and St. Joseph Health;
  TVMDL, which routinely tests herds and flocks of animals for a
  variety of diseases, lent its high-throughput equipment and
  laboratory space to St. Joseph Health staff, allowing them to begin
  performing a higher volume of PCR tests at its College Station
  laboratory in late April 2020; and
         WHEREAS, Knowing that the need for testing was also critical
  in the Texas Panhandle, TVMDL went on to partner with the Amarillo
  Pathology Group's Physicians Preferred Laboratory (APG-PPL) to
  provide this same service at its Amarillo laboratory; through this
  partnership, APG-PPL was able to perform up to 600 COVID-19 tests
  each day and to deliver results to patients from 24-48 hours after
  specimens were collected; the laboratory proved to be a crucial
  asset to the region at this challenging time, and by fulfilling the
  need for testing during periods of high community spread, it helped
  local governments and businesses to make informed policy decisions;
  in February 2021, TVMDL and APG-PPL were recognized with Texas A&M
  AgriLife's Partnership Award; and
         WHEREAS, A number of individuals were instrumental in
  establishing the initial partnership between TVMDL and APG-PPL,
  including TVMDL's director Dr. Bruce Akey and associate agency
  director Dr. Amy Swinford and APG-PPL's medical director
  Dr. Robert Todd II; also vital to this undertaking were APG-PPL
  administrators who helped secure federal approval for the clinic,
  Charlyn Snow and Heidi Dorman, as well as the Clinical Laboratory
  Improvements Amendment (CLIA) medical director, Dr. Andrew Hoot;
         WHEREAS, Other TVMDL professionals, Dr. Kiril Dimitrov,
  Dr. Pam Ferro, Dr. Megan Schroeder, and Dr. Owais Khan, handled
  such responsibilities as ensuring the accuracy of test results and
  securing testing supplies; TVMDL employees Jonatan Sanchez-Gama
  and Nicholas Monday trained and assisted APG-PPL staff on the use of
  the equipment, while APG-PPL employees Cliff George, Chris Kelly,
  Katera Padilla, and Ashley Tarrant were tasked with delivering
  human samples to the lab and performing tests; finally, a great deal
  of appreciation is owed to Texas A&M AgriLife vice chancellors
  Dr. Patrick J. Stover and Joe Cox and to Sandra Talton, legislative
  director in the office of State Representative Four Price, for
  their tremendous contributions; and
         WHEREAS, The success of this collaboration is a credit to the
  expertise, ingenuity, and shared commitment to service
  demonstrated by all those involved in the partnership, and they are
  indeed deserving of heartfelt praise for their tireless efforts;
  now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 87th Texas
  Legislature hereby commend the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical
  Diagnostic Laboratory, the Amarillo Pathology Group, LLP, and APG's
  Physicians Preferred Laboratory, Ltd., for their work to ensure
  timely, accurate COVID-19 testing to the Texas Panhandle at the
  height of the pandemic and extend to their personnel sincere best
  wishes for the future; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That official copies of this resolution be prepared
  for the organizations as an expression of high regard by the Texas
  House of Representatives.