Daily House Calendar

Wednesday, April 28, 2021



********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 1981             Craddick

Relating to the release by the comptroller of unclaimed property to certain persons.

HB 1485             Turner, Chris

Relating to the regulation of elevator mechanics, elevator apprentices, and contractors; requiring an occupational registration.

HB 570              Paddie / Button / Harris / Burrows / Guillen / et al.

Relating to small business recovery funds and insurance tax credits for certain investments in those funds; imposing a monetary penalty; authorizing fees.

HB 548              Frank / Lozano / Guillen

Relating to the licensing of certain military veterans as health care providers to practice in underserved areas.

HB 859              Collier

Relating to the expunction of all records and files related to arrests for certain decriminalized misdemeanor offenses.

HB 2283             King, Phil / Paul / Cain / Patterson / Schofield

Relating to the prohibition of certain contributions and donations for the administration of elections.

HB 4313             Vo

Relating to the enforcement of insurance laws, including laws governing the unauthorized business of insurance; authorizing administrative penalties.

HB 2201             Ashby / Guillen

Relating to the location of pits used in the production of oil and gas.

HB 1492             Herrero

Relating to the administration of navigation districts.

HB 624              Shine

Relating to increasing the criminal penalty for certain offenses committed in retaliation for or on account of a person's service or status as a public servant.

HB 4436             Cyrier

Relating to the operation of aircraft in or on protected freshwater areas.

HB 1709             Neave

Relating to status offenses committed by a child, including the repeal of the status offense of a child voluntarily running away from home.

HB 1535             Klick / Dean / Price / Oliverson / Howard / et al.

Relating to the medical use of low-THC cannabis by patients with certain medical conditions and the establishment of compassionate-use institutional review boards to evaluate and approve proposed research programs to study the medical use of low-THC cannabis in the treatment of certain patients.

HB 1693             Shaheen

Relating to access to the financial responsibility verification program by justice and municipal courts.

HB 1919             Harris / et al.

Relating to certain prohibited practices for certain health benefit plan issuers and pharmacy benefit managers.

HB 1757             Krause / Sherman, Sr.

Relating to recordings of peace officer performance of official duties and interactions with the public; creating a criminal offense.

HB 2030             Turner, Chris / Button

Relating to the establishment by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board of a grant program for regional postsecondary education collaboratives.

HB 1752             Oliverson

Relating to benefit review conferences under the Texas workers' compensation system.

HB 1897             Sanford / King, Phil / Holland

Relating to disclosure requirements for agreements consenting to  municipal annexation.

HB 2041             Leman

Relating to the disclosure of appraisal reports in connection with the use of eminent domain authority.

HB 1777             Oliverson

Relating to disclosures and standards required for certain annuity transactions and benefits under certain annuity contracts.

HB 2205             Romero, Jr. / Holland / Toth

Relating to applicability of the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code to certain pools, spas, and other swimming areas.

HB 781              Sanford / Noble / Patterson / Guillen / et al.

Relating to the carrying and possession of a handgun by a public junior college school marshal.

HB 3111             Meyer / Hunter / Johnson, Ann

Relating to the criminal offense of online solicitation relating to a minor; creating a criminal offense; changing eligibility for community supervision.

HB 3360             Murr

Relating to civil actions by a civilly committed individual.

HB 2112             Metcalf / Schaefer / White / Bell, Cecil / Morales, Eddie

Relating to the carrying of holstered handguns by handgun license holders.

HB 3962             Neave

Relating to the powers and duties of a domestic relations office.

HB 2441             White

Relating to the imposition and collection of fines, fees, and court costs in criminal cases.

HB 3973             Walle

Relating to the composition and use of money in the oil and gas regulation and cleanup fund.

HB 332              Talarico / Bernal / Buckley

Relating to the use of the compensatory education allotment for programs that build certain social and emotional skills.

HB 2043             Leman / Guillen / Murr / Harris / Spiller

Relating to the qualification of land for appraisal for ad valorem tax purposes as agricultural land and the liability for the additional tax imposed on such land if the use of the land changes as a result of a condemnation.

HB 2893             Herrero

Relating to the establishment by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs of colonia self-help centers in certain counties and to the representation of those counties on the Colonia Resident Advisory Committee.

HB 3643             King, Ken / Bell, Keith

Relating to the creation of the Texas Commission on Virtual Education.

HB 3039             Ellzey

Relating to the electronic transmission of certain notices provided by the Railroad Commission of Texas.

HB 3034             Campos

Relating to the establishment of a statewide homelessness data system.

HB 3394             Metcalf

Relating to determining the incapacity of a guardian.

HB 2499             Stucky

Relating to the wearing of a personal flotation device while being towed behind a motorboat or while engaged in water sports in or on the wake of a motorboat; creating a criminal offense.

HB 3476             Schofield

Relating to certificates of public convenience and necessity issued to water utilities inside the boundaries or extraterritorial jurisdiction of certain municipalities.

HB 3746             Capriglione

Relating to certain notifications required following a breach of security of computerized data.

HB 1382             Bucy / et al.

Relating to the availability of certain information regarding early voting.

HB 3754             Oliverson

Relating to regulation of the pledge or encumbrance of an insurer's assets under  the Asset Protection Act.

HB 3827             Wilson

Relating to the municipal disannexation of certain areas formerly designated as a census designated place.

HB 1938             Jetton / Sherman, Sr. / et al.

Relating to a grant program for law enforcement agencies to defray the cost of data storage for recordings created with body worn cameras.

HB 2086             Morales, Eddie

Relating to appeals from an interlocutory order denying a motion for summary judgment by certain contractors.

HB 1219             Gates

Relating to the dissolution by petition of a municipal management district.