Daily House Calendar

Thursday, April 29, 2021



********** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 1560             Goldman

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

HB 1545             Cyrier

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Commission on Jail Standards.

HB 19               Leach / Ashby / Meyer / et al.

Relating to civil liability of a commercial motor vehicle owner or operator.

HB 1900             Goldman / Metcalf / Bonnen / Raymond / Button / et al.

Relating to municipalities that adopt budgets that defund municipal police departments.

HB 2622             Holland / Paddie / Canales / White / Metcalf / et al.

Relating to the enforcement of certain federal laws regulating firearms, firearm accessories, and firearm ammunition within the State of Texas.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 829              Thompson, Senfronia / Reynolds / Collier / et al.

Relating to a progressive disciplinary matrix for police officer misconduct in certain municipalities.

HB 323              King, Phil / Guillen / White / Bowers / Goodwin

Relating to a law enforcement agency accreditation grant program.

HB 830              Thompson, Senfronia / White / Krause / Cain / Bowers / et al.

Relating to law enforcement policies regarding the issuance of citations for misdemeanors punishable by fine only and to a limitation on the authority to arrest a person for certain fine-only misdemeanors.

HB 3712             Thompson, Ed / White / et al.

Relating to the hiring and training of and policies for peace officers.

HB 385              Pacheco / White / Campos / Button

Relating to conditions of community supervision and procedures applicable to the reduction or termination of a defendant's period of community supervision.

HB 834              Thompson, Senfronia / Toth / Collier / Cason / et al.

Relating to requiring the corroboration of certain testimony in a criminal case involving a controlled substance.

HB 441              Zwiener / Collier / White / Dutton / Toth

Relating to the criminal and licensing consequences of certain marihuana possession and drug paraphernalia possession offenses; imposing a fee.

HB 2366             Buckley / Harless / Ellzey

Relating to criminal conduct that endangers law enforcement; creating a criminal offense and increasing a criminal penalty.

HB 1717             Thompson, Senfronia / White / Collier / Patterson / et al.

Relating to the state's continuing duty to disclose exculpatory, impeachment, or mitigating evidence in a criminal case and prohibited retaliation against local assistant prosecutors for discharging that duty.

HB 3158             Thompson, Senfronia / Murr / Davis

Relating to standing for receipt of exemplary damages based on a compensable death under the Texas Workers' Compensation Act.

HB 3373             Burrows

Relating to the certification of live music venues by and other duties of the Texas Music Office.

HB 842              Moody

Relating to the disclosure in a criminal case of certain criminal history record information.

HB 4103             Burrows

Relating to the authority of certain municipalities to receive certain tax revenue derived from certain establishments related to a hotel and convention center project and to pledge certain tax revenue for the payment of obligations related to the project.

HB 4139             Coleman / Rose / Johnson, Jarvis / Howard / Thompson, Senfronia / et al.

Relating to the Office for Health Equity.

HB 1607             Darby / Lucio III / King, Phil / Hernandez / Hunter / et al.

Relating to certificates of public convenience and necessity for certain transmission projects.

HB 1068             Allen / Guillen

Relating to the use of personal leave during school holidays by school district employees.

HB 1301             Guillen / Morales, Eddie / et al.

Relating to the services provided by a colonia self-help center.

HB 542              White

Relating to foster care placement in and the licensing of certain residential child-care facilities.

HB 1092             Romero, Jr. / White

Relating to the verification of the veteran status of inmates and prisoners.

HB 1791             Button / Guillen

Relating to eligibility for job-training programs provided under the self-sufficiency fund.

HB 21               Neave / Button

Relating to the statute of limitations applicable to a sexual harassment complaint filed with the Texas Workforce Commission.

HB 4383             Murphy

Relating to providing information to undergraduate students regarding certain fixed or flat tuition rates provided by certain institutions of higher education.

HB 3621             Cortez / Martinez Fischer

Relating to the creation of a mental health jail diversion pilot program in Bexar County.

HB 3915             Goldman

Relating to the designation of certain premises as critical load premises for electric service.

HB 2706             Howard / Neave / Hernandez / Button / White / et al.

Relating to the reporting of sexual assault and other sex offenses, to the emergency services and care provided to victims of those offenses, and to the processes associated with preserving and analyzing the evidence of those offenses.

HB 1097             Lozano

Relating to the processing and sale of kratom and kratom products; providing civil penalties; creating a criminal offense.

HB 1110             Johnson, Julie / Morrison / González, Jessica / Hunter / et al.

Relating to payment of the replacement cost of damaged property under a homeowner's, renter's, or condominium owner's insurance policy.

HB 3557             King, Ken / Pacheco

Relating to allowing parents and guardians to elect for a student to repeat or retake a course or grade.

HB 1706             Neave / Leach

Relating to a specialty court program to provide victim services in sexual assault cases.

HB 652              Paul / Guerra / Price / et al.

Relating to notice of an animal's exposure or possible exposure in an animal shelter to certain infectious diseases.

HB 2094             Martinez

Relating to the right to remove property encroaching on areas owned or controlled by the Hidalgo County Drainage District Number 1.

HB 2885             Clardy

Relating to continuing education programs for fire detection and alarm device installation.

HB 1433             Capriglione / Oliverson

Relating to the payment of insurance deductibles for property insurance claims.

HB 1588             Leach / Neave / Holland / King, Ken / et al.

Relating to health benefit plan coverage for scalp cooling systems, applications, and procedures for certain cancer patients.

HB 1758             Krause

Relating to law enforcement's use of force by means of a drone.

HB 1910             Schofield

Relating to cemeteries in certain municipalities.

HB 2627             Thierry

Relating to the clarification of certain provisions regarding taxes imposed on the sale, rental, and use of motor vehicles.

HB 2929             Bonnen / Frank

Relating to conduct of insurers providing preferred provider benefit plans with respect to physician and health care provider contracts and claims.

HB 2626             Noble

Relating to the imposition of the use tax on tangible personal property purchased in another state and transferred to an affiliate of the purchaser before being brought into this state for storage, use, or other consumption.

HB 903              Oliverson

Relating to the settlement of certain claims on behalf of a minor.

HB 769              Middleton / Hunter / Lozano / Dominguez

Relating to the administration of the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.

HB 2579             Leach

Relating to shorthand reporting and depositions.

HB 2733             Tinderholt / King, Phil / White / Bowers / et al.

Relating to defendants restricted to the operation of a vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device or required to submit to alcohol monitoring and establishing a central database of those defendants.

HB 2781             Johnson, Ann / Bonnen / Ordaz Perez / Landgraf / Kuempel / et al.

Relating to the prosecution of and punishment for an aggravated assault occurring as part of a mass shooting; increasing a criminal penalty.

HB 1202             Jetton / et al.

Relating to the amendment of a dedicatory instrument to remove a discriminatory provision.

HB 3338             Bowers

Relating to activities the tolerance of which may constitute maintenance of a common nuisance.

HB 4172             Middleton

Relating to the burden of proof in a suit or administrative proceeding to establish that an area is subject to the public beach easement.

HB 3315             Crockett / Morales Shaw

Relating to the creation of a pretrial intervention program for certain youth offenders; authorizing a fee.

HB 1554             Rogers / Lambert

Relating to use of project funds of municipal development districts.