Daily House Calendar

Saturday, May 22, 2021



********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

SB 20               Campbell / et al.

SP: Hefner

Relating to carrying and storing a handgun or handgun ammunition by a hotel guest.

SB 23               Huffman / et al.

SP: Oliverson / Harless

Relating to an election to approve a reduction or reallocation of funding or resources for certain county law enforcement agencies.

SB 480              Miles

SP: Coleman

Relating to the student union fee at the University of Houston.

SB 59               Zaffirini

SP: Geren

Relating to the advertising and promotion of a state purchasing program for local governments.

SB 827              Kolkhorst / et al.

SP: Lucio III / et al.

Relating to health benefit plan cost-sharing requirements for prescription insulin.

SB 1164             Campbell

SP: Collier

Relating to the prosecution of the offense of sexual assault.

SB 181              Johnson / et al.

SP: White

Relating to suspension of a driver's license for persons convicted of certain offenses and the educational program required for reinstatement of a license following certain convictions; authorizing a fine.

SB 2188             Seliger / et al.

SP: Hernandez

Relating to the municipal or county regulation of residential detention facilities for immigrant or refugee children.

SB 179              Lucio / et al.

SP: Huberty / González, Mary

Relating to the use of public school counselors' work time.

SB 48               Zaffirini

SP: Lucio III

Relating to conditions of community supervision for defendants convicted of certain criminal offenses involving animals.

SB 2116             Campbell / et al.

SP: Parker

Relating to prohibiting contracts or other agreements with certain foreign-owned companies in connection with critical infrastructure in this state.

SB 1270             Seliger

SP: Thompson, Ed

Relating to the procurement of certain goods and services related to highways by the Texas Department of Transportation.

SB 367              Miles

SP: Reynolds

Relating to the requirements for an application for a permit to drill an oil or gas well at a site adjacent to a well blowout site.

SB 1605             Huffman

SP: Bonnen

Relating to directing payment, after approval, of certain miscellaneous claims and judgments against the state out of funds designated by this Act; making appropriations.

SB 798              Nelson / et al.

SP: Neave

Relating to the issuance of a birth record, driver's license, or personal identification certificate to victims and the children of victims of family or dating violence.

SB 1590             Bettencourt

SP: VanDeaver

Relating to rules by the State Board for Educator Certification regarding virtual observation options for field-based experiences and internships required for educator certification.

SB 263              Menéndez / et al.

SP: Minjarez

Relating to the ability of certain relative caretakers of dependent children to receive supplemental financial assistance and be assigned as protective payees for financial assistance payments.

SB 50               Zaffirini

SP: Neave

Relating to a competitive and integrated employment initiative for certain Medicaid recipients.

SB 1679             Alvarado

SP: Johnson, Jarvis

Relating to the creation of an urban land bank by certain municipalities.

SB 1692             Miles

SP: Longoria

Relating to licensing requirements to operate an end stage renal disease facility and the provision of home dialysis care by a dialysis technician.

SB 1827             Huffman / et al.

SP: Holland

Relating to the creation of the opioid abatement account, an opioid abatement trust fund, and a statewide opioid settlement agreement.

SB 1907             Blanco

SP: Martinez

Relating to a feasibility study on the colocation of federal and state motor vehicle inspection facilities at ports of entry.

SB 2046             Menéndez

SP: Gervin-Hawkins

Relating to a compliance history assessment made for purposes of allocating certain financial assistance administered by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

SB 776              Lucio / et al.

SP: Dominguez / Martinez / Lucio III / Guillen / et al.

Relating to the creation of an inclusive sports program by the University Interscholastic League to provide students with intellectual disabilities access to team sports.