Supplemental House Calendar

Saturday, May 8, 2021



********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 3610             Gervin-Hawkins / Sanford / Middleton

Relating to the applicability of certain laws to open-enrollment charter schools.

HB 3416             Darby

Relating to indemnity agreements between contractors and subcontractors for services pertaining to certain wells or mines.

HB 4465             Dutton

Relating to grants and federal disaster relief funds available to school districts, open-enrollment charter schools, and regional education service centers to provide services to students after a disaster in the state of Texas.

HB 3833             King, Phil / Burrows / Shine / Rogers / Harris

Relating to the additional ad valorem tax and interest imposed as a result of a change in the use of certain land.

HB 2237             Burrows / Deshotel

Relating to mechanic's, contractor's, or materialman's liens.

HB 4426             King, Tracy O.

Relating to the authority of certain counties to cancel platted subdivisions that have remained undeveloped.

HB 4242             Meyer

Relating to the extension of the expiration of certain parts of the Texas Economic Development Act.

HB 1207             Guillen

Relating to additional optional training and course work for public school principals.

HB 3731             Dutton

Relating to public school accountability ratings, including interventions and sanctions administered to a school district, open-enrollment charter school, or district or school campus assigned an unacceptable performance rating.

HB 3261             Huberty

Relating to the electronic administration of certain required assessment instruments, measures to support Internet connectivity for purposes of those assessment instruments, and the adoption and administration of certain optional interim assessment instruments.

HB 1231             Moody / Oliverson / Jetton / Hull / Meza

Relating to the designation of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha as optional holidays.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

SB 1339             Zaffirini

SP: King, Tracy O.

Relating to the authority to request attorney general advice on questions relating to actions in which the state is interested.

SB 1373             Zaffirini

SP: White / Johnson, Jarvis

Relating to the imposition and collection of fines, fees, and court costs in criminal cases.

SB 930              Zaffirini / et al.

SP: Middleton / Rose

Relating to the disclosure of certain information regarding the occurrence of communicable diseases in residential facilities.

SB 609              Alvarado / et al.

SP: Morrison

Relating to the creation of the Texas music incubator rebate program to provide for rebates of a portion of certain taxes collected from certain music venues and promoters of certain music festivals.

********** POSTPONED BUSINESS **********

HB 3276             Parker / Cain / Schofield / Lozano

Relating to the security of voted ballots.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 1396             White / et al.

Relating to law enforcement agencies and policies and procedures affecting peace officers.

HB 4387             González, Mary / VanDeaver / Stucky / Raney

Relating to the establishment of the Texas Transfer Grant Pilot Program.

HB 1683             Landgraf / Guillen / Ellzey / Toth

Relating to the enforcement of certain federal laws regulating oil and gas operations within the State of Texas.

HB 2656             Moody

Relating to licensing examinations for certain court interpreters.

HB 1810             Capriglione

Relating to maintenance and production of electronic public information under the public information law.

HB 4146             King, Tracy O. / Cole

Relating to a restriction on permits authorizing direct discharges of waste or pollutants into water in certain stream segments, stream assessment units, and drainage areas.

HB 2926             Parker / Krause / Minjarez / Talarico / et al.

Relating to the reinstatement of the parent-child relationship with respect to a person whose parental rights have been involuntarily terminated.

HB 1942             VanDeaver / Bernal

Relating to the adult high school charter school program.

HB 2952             Neave

Relating to suits affecting the parent-child relationship and the calculation and enforcement of child support.

HB 1664             White / Guillen

Relating to the reinstatement of eligibility for medical assistance of certain children placed in juvenile facilities.

HB 692              Shine / Bell, Keith / Darby / Bell, Cecil / et al.

Relating to retainage requirements for certain public works construction projects.

HB 854              Burns

Relating to the punishment for the offense of unlawfully carrying a handgun by a license holder.

HB 2242             Patterson

Relating to illness or injury leave of absence for county and municipal firefighters and police officers.

HB 4012             Bonnen

Relating to disclosures by certain health benefit plans to enrollees regarding certain preauthorized medical care and health care services.

HB 3081             Krause / Bailes / Martinez / Noble

Relating to the issuance of digital tags for the taking of certain animals.

HB 4018             Capriglione / Guillen

Relating to legislative oversight and funding of improvement and modernization projects for state agency information resources.

HB 4210             Paul

Relating to the authority of entities regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance to conduct business electronically.

HB 3115             Shine

Relating to the release of a judgment lien on homestead property.

HB 3485             Goodwin

Relating to information reported through the Public Education Information Management System and to parents regarding disciplinary measures used by a school district.

HB 2912             Vasut / Jetton / White / et al.

Relating to a violation of the Texas Residential Property Owners Protection Act or a dedicatory instrument by a board member of a property owners' association.

HB 2998             Smith

Relating to the requirement that certain business entities obtain a license from the Texas Real Estate Commission.

HB 3920             Dean

Relating to an application to vote early by mail on the grounds of disability or confinement for child birth.

HB 3838             Dominguez

Relating to the display of emergency and other notices by a governmental entity on the entity's Internet website.

HB 316              Buckley / Harris / Smith / Rogers / González, Mary / et al.

Relating to the advertising and labeling of certain food products.

HB 1987             Vasut / et al.

Relating to eligibility requirements to hold a political party office.

HB 1476             Bell, Keith / Leach / Cyrier / Romero, Jr. / Raymond

Relating to a vendor's remedies for nonpayment of a contract with this state or a political subdivision of this state.

HB 1793             Johnson, Julie / Sanford

Relating to prohibiting oral releases for automobile insurance claims.

HB 4403             Turner, John

Relating to an agreement between a school district and public institution of higher education to provide a dual credit program to high school students enrolled in the district.

HB 2822             Hull / Oliverson / Guillen / et al.

Relating to the availability of antipsychotic prescription drugs under the vendor drug program and Medicaid managed care.

********** RESOLUTIONS CALENDAR **********

HCR 60              Wilson / Raymond

Establishing an America 250 state commission.