Local, Consent, and Resolutions Calendar

Friday, April 16, 2021
9:00 AM



********** HOUSE BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS **********

HB 53               Fierro

Relating to the designation of April as Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month.

HB 149              Reynolds / Shaheen / White / Collier

Relating to a study to evaluate state and local regulation of group homes.

HB 222              Murr

Relating to liability of burn bosses in connection with certain prescribed burns.

HB 249              Cortez

Relating to the requirements for an application for a low income housing tax credit allocation from the nonprofit set-aside.

HB 262              Murr

Relating to the payment of certain costs associated with certain assignments of a statutory probate court judge.

HB 374              Smith / Holland / et al.

Relating to the continuation of the Red River Boundary Commission.

HB 451              Moody

Relating to persons authorized to conduct a marriage ceremony.

HB 549              Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to an exemption from civil liability for certain professionals for the disclosure of certain mental health information.

HB 763              Toth

Relating to the handling of illicit alcoholic beverages seized by a peace officer.

HB 837              Lucio III

Relating to the procedure for amending or revoking certificates of public convenience and necessity issued to certain retail public utilities.

HB 900              Huberty

Relating to the liability of a landlord for damages resulting from the execution of a writ of possession in an eviction suit.

HB 928              Sherman, Sr. / Price

Relating to the marketing and sale of catfish and similar fish by food service establishments; providing administrative and civil penalties.

HB 1135             Morales, Christina / Swanson / et al.

Relating to the terms and conditions of a standard possession order in a suit affecting the parent-child relationship.

HB 1213             Darby

Relating to court reporter costs incurred in a hearing or proceeding for the involuntary detention of a person with mental illness.

HB 1247             Lozano / Ordaz Perez

Relating to the development of and report on a tri-agency work-based learning strategic framework by the Texas Workforce Commission, the Texas Education Agency, and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

HB 1258             Ashby / Anchia

Relating to data matching with financial institutions to facilitate the collection of certain delinquent tax liabilities.

HB 1268             Ashby

Relating to the definition of amusement ride for purposes of  amusement ride regulation.

HB 1342             Leach

Relating to the provision of certain health information and other information to school districts and other participating entities in the Texas school employees uniform group health coverage program.

HB 1363             Minjarez

Relating to treatment of a patient by a physical therapist without a referral.

HB 1461             Parker / Anchia / Stucky / Lambert

Relating to a study by the Teacher Retirement System of Texas regarding the use of health reimbursement accounts in conjunction with Medicare plans available through the individual marketplace to provide health and pharmacy benefit coverage for certain retired school employees.

HB 1484             Metcalf

Relating to rates applied to certain water or sewer systems after a sale or purchase of the system.

HB 1543             Parker

Relating to certain procedural requirements for public improvement districts and transfers of property located in public improvement districts.

HB 1699             Raney

Relating to the taking of unbanded pen-reared pheasant and quail by certain landowners.

HB 1904             Harris

Relating to the use of the water infrastructure fund.

HB 1905             Harris

Relating to relieving regional water planning groups of certain duties.

HB 1958             González, Mary / Burns / Anderson / Stucky / Buckley / et al.

Relating to the regulation of livestock export-import processing facilities; creating a criminal offense.

HB 2058             Klick

Relating to age-appropriate normalcy activities for children in the managing conservatorship of the state.

HB 2083             Darby / et al.

Relating to the general manager of the Upper Colorado River Authority.

HB 2139             Lambert / Clardy / Rogers

Relating to the designation of state musicians for classical and nonclassical genres.

HB 2175             Moody

Relating to certain qualified residential rental assistance projects financed by private activity bonds.

HB 2213             Frullo / Larson / Zwiener

Relating to the slaughter and processing of exotic animals for donation to a nonprofit food bank.

HB 2240             Smithee

Relating to the disbursement of funds from a trust fund account by a title insurance company, title insurance agent, or escrow officer.

HB 2267             Paul

Relating to the sale and purchase of retail fireworks permits from an Internet website.

HB 2296             Moody / Guillen

Relating to the eligibility of certain at-risk developments to receive low income housing tax credits.

HB 2317             Coleman

Relating to the inclusion of affordable housing as a qualifying project for public-private partnerships.

HB 2326             Frullo

Relating to the possession, transportation, and release of certain nonindigenous snakes; increasing a criminal penalty.

HB 2378             Kuempel

Relating to the licensing and regulation of real estate inspectors; reducing a fee.

HB 2379             Metcalf

Relating to the towing of certain property from a self-service storage facility for disposition by a vehicle storage facility.

HB 2494             Metcalf

Relating to the election of emergency services commissioners in certain emergency services districts.

HB 2610             Harless

Relating to the deadline to begin a county fire code inspection in certain counties.

HB 2640             King, Tracy O.

Relating to authorizing certain political subdivisions to change the date on which their general election for officers is held.

HB 2660             Leman

Relating to the jurisdiction and management of the Star of the Republic Museum by the Texas Historical Commission.

HB 2669             Guillen

Relating to the confidentiality of a child's criminal records related to certain misdemeanor offenses.

HB 2698             Kuempel

Relating to covers or barriers on the windows and doors of and other obstructions of the view of certain alcoholic beverage retailers.

HB 2757             Cyrier

Relating to the conduct and promotion of charitable raffles.

HB 2809             Murphy

Relating to the applicability of certain laws relating to contingent fee contracts for legal services entered into by certain political subdivisions.

HB 2920             Lozano

Relating to a grace period for payment of premiums on insurance policies renewed by the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.

HB 3165             Meyer

Relating to an affirmative defense to an allegation of truant conduct.

HB 3212             Sherman, Sr.

Relating to the inclusion of information relating to street racing in the curriculum of driver education courses and driving safety courses.

HB 3402             VanDeaver

Relating to the powers and duties of the Franklin County Water District.

HB 3616             Johnson, Ann

Relating to the regulation of massage therapy.

HB 3721             Ellzey

Relating to the inclusion of information for reporting suspicious activity to the Department of Public Safety on certain human trafficking signs or notices.

HCR 25              Krause / Turner, Chris / Price / Collier / Cyrier

Expressing support for full funding of the U.S. Army's Future Vertical Lift program, including the Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft and Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft.