Local, Consent, and Resolutions Calendar

Friday, May 21, 2021
9:00 AM



********** HOUSE BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS **********

HCR 85              Talarico

Designating the first Friday in May as Career and Technical Education Letter of Intent Signing Day for a 10-year period beginning in 2021.

HCR 101             Wilson

Designating the city of Florence, home of the Gault Archaeological Site, as the oldest community in Texas for a 10-year period beginning in 2021.

********** SENATE BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS **********

SB 186              Perry

SP: Spiller / Guillen / Darby / et al.

Relating to the authority of a county to issue bonds to restore or maintain a county courthouse.

SB 199              Nelson

SP: Price

Relating to automated external defibrillators.

SB 244              Bettencourt / et al.

SP: Campos

Relating to the application of the open meetings law to the board of directors of certain tax reinvestment zones.

SB 271              Perry

SP: Klick

Relating to applicants for employment at assisted living facilities.

SB 387              Schwertner

SP: Wilson

Relating to the appeal of rates for water or sewer service charged to certain customers of a municipality.

SB 476              Nelson / et al.

SP: Stucky

Relating to establishment of county adult sexual assault response teams.

SB 764              Huffman

SP: Hinojosa

Relating to the operation of certain child-care facilities during an appeal of a suspension or denial of a license, certification, registration, or listing.

SB 782              Hinojosa / et al.

SP: Herrero

Relating to authorizing the sale of certain real property by the State of Texas to the Port of Corpus Christi Authority of Nueces County, Texas.

SB 818              Powell / et al.

SP: Turner, Chris

Relating to unemployment compensation eligibility and chargebacks regarding certain persons separated from employment due to being called to military service.

SB 1092             Creighton

SP: Parker

Relating to the disclosure of certain information regarding course materials by public institutions of higher education.

SB 1132             Johnson / et al.

SP: Turner, John

Relating to the regulation of crafted precious metal dealers; authorizing the change of a fee.

SB 1136             Kolkhorst

SP: Frank

Relating to implementation of certain health care provider initiatives and measures designed to reduce costs and improve recipient health outcomes under Medicaid.

SB 1165             West

SP: Anchia

Relating to the appointment and terms of the board of the hospital managers of the Dallas County Hospital District.

SB 1168             Campbell

SP: Bell, Cecil

Relating to the authority of a municipality to impose a fine or fee in certain areas in the municipality's extraterritorial jurisdiction.

SB 1177             Birdwell / et al.

SP: Shaheen

Relating to the establishment of a task force to evaluate state-owned artifact collections.

SB 1269             Whitmire

SP: King, Ken

Relating to the main street program administered by the Texas Historical Commission.

SB 1359             Hughes / et al.

SP: White

Relating to adoption by law enforcement agencies of a mental health leave policy for peace officers.

SB 1655             Birdwell

SP: Meyer

Relating to an annual report submitted to the comptroller by a county that imposes certain hotel occupancy taxes.

SB 1801             Zaffirini

SP: Turner, Chris

Relating to improper unemployment compensation benefits refunded by a claimant to the Texas Workforce Commission.

SB 1814             Seliger

SP: Martinez

Relating to oversize and overweight vehicle permits.

SB 1815             Seliger

SP: Martinez

Relating to motor vehicle size and weight limitations.

SB 1817             Seliger

SP: Martinez

Relating to vehicle titles and registration.

SB 1876             Miles / et al.

SP: Oliverson / Bucy / Campos / Johnson, Ann / Walle

Relating to emergency planning for the continued treatment and safety of end stage renal disease facility patients.

SB 1942             Gutierrez

SP: Minjarez

Relating to the creation of public facility corporations and requirements applicable to public facility corporations.

SB 2008             Taylor

SP: Perez

Relating to the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site; authorizing fees.

SB 2183             Campbell

SP: King, Tracy O.

Relating to the boundaries of, and validating certain acts and proceedings of, the Driftwood Conservation District.

SB 2062             MenÚndez

SP: Goldman

Relating to the establishment of the Motor Fuel Metering and Quality Advisory Board.

SB 2099             Zaffirini / et al.

SP: Patterson

Relating to methods by which a claimant may check the status of a claim for unemployment compensation benefits filed with the Texas Workforce Commission.