Congratulatory And Memorial Calendar

Friday, April 9, 2021
9:00 AM




HCR 77              Oliverson

Paying tribute to the lives of the physicians and other health care workers who passed away during the COVID-19 pandemic.

HCR 78              Geren

Commemorating the 85th anniversary of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

HCR 80              Craddick

Congratulating Frederic M. Newman on his induction into the Petroleum Hall of Fame.

HCR 81              Craddick

Congratulating Paul L. Morris on his induction into the Petroleum Hall of Fame.

HCR 82              Craddick

Honoring the memory of Frank M. Late on the occasion of his posthumous induction into the Petroleum Hall of Fame.

HR 463              Parker

Recognizing Denton County and its partners for hosting one of the largest drive-through COVID-19 vaccination clinics in the state.

HR 464              Murr

Recognizing the Teen Mental Health First Aid program.

HR 465              Jetton

Recognizing May 19, 2021, as Veteran Mental Health Awareness Day.

HR 467              Ramos

Honoring the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

HR 468              Ramos

Honoring the members of the Mexican American Bar Association of Dallas for their service to communities that have been affected by Winter Storm Uri.

HR 469              Ramos

Commending Operation Orange of Richardson for its civic and political engagement.

HR 470              Ramos

Honoring PLAN @ 1121 Rock in Richardson for its service to persons recovering from mental illness.

HR 471              Ramos

Honoring Network of Community Ministries for its charitable service to North Texas.

HR 472              Romero, Jr.

Commending Officer David C. Barnett III of the Fort Worth Police Department for his lifesaving actions on October 17, 2020.

HR 479              Fierro

Commending the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for its service to the business community.

HR 481              Murr

Congratulating Walter Lee Hall on his retirement from Surety Title Company in Junction.

HR 482              Romero, Jr.

Congratulating Pedro "Kiki" Criado on his appointment as Deputy Chief of North Command of the Fort Worth Police Department.

HR 489              González, Jessica

Commending the Irving Fire Department for administering COVID-19 vaccinations.

HR 490              Anchia

Recognizing April 5 through 9, 2021, as Texas Retired Teachers Week.

HR 491              Tinderholt

Congratulating the Arlington Retired School Employees Association on its 50th anniversary.

HR 492              Morales Shaw / Johnson, Ann

Commending Waltrip High School students on their performance at the Houston Urban Debate League Tournament 5 in January 2021.

HR 493              González, Mary

Honoring Gil Jones for his outstanding career in the cotton industry and his commendable approach to safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

HR 494              González, Mary

Congratulating Kevin Ivey on being recognized at the 2021 West Texas Pecan Growers Association dinner.

HR 495              González, Mary

Commending farmer Shannon Ivey of Tornillo for his years of service in the pecan industry.

HR 496              González, Mary

Commending Officer Joshua Gonzalez of the Socorro Police Department for rescuing a family from a fire.

HR 497              González, Mary

Commending Alina Arredondo of San Elizario for her work as an advocate for persons with disabilities.

HR 498              González, Mary

Commending David Sublasky for overseeing the revitalization of Fabens Veterans Park.

HR 502              White

Honoring the service of retired K-9 deputy Alukar of the Polk County Sheriff's Office.

HR 503              Ramos

Recognizing the Muslim Democratic Caucus of Texas for its grassroots activism.

HR 504              Talarico

Commemorating the 2021 State Civics Fair.

HR 505              Wu

Congratulating Abbie Kamin and Matthew Hansel on the birth of their son, Slade Lester Kamin Hansel.

HR 506              Herrero

Recognizing Kiara Hawkins of Robstown Early College High School for her athletic and academic accomplishments.

HR 507              Bonnen

Honoring the life of Christopher Jake Stone of Santa Fe and commemorating his posthumous receipt of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society Young Hero Award.

HR 508              Ellzey

Commending Officer Austin Rollins of the Waxahachie Police Department for rescuing a motorist following a traffic accident.

HR 511              Raney

Recognizing the Texas A&M University Agricultural and Natural Resources Policy Internship Program and Public Policy Internship Program and the programs' interns for the 87th legislative session.

HR 513              Howard

Congratulating Kathleen Garza of Austin on her retirement from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

HR 514              Ortega

Congratulating Clendenin Elementary in El Paso on its nomination for a 2021 U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School award.

HR 515              Ortega

Congratulating Lamar Elementary in El Paso on its nomination for a 2021 U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School award.

HR 529              Ramos

Congratulating Chief Jimmy L. Spivey on his retirement from the Richardson Police Department.

HR 530              Ramos

Recognizing Debbie Rentería on her election as the first Latinx member of the Richardson ISD Board of Trustees.

HR 531              Ramos

Congratulating Regina Harris on her election as the first Black female member of the Richardson Independent School District Board of Trustees.

HR 532              Ramos

Honoring the members of the Richardson ISD Council of PTAs.

HR 533              Fierro

Congratulating Dana Boyd on her election as the 2021-2022 member at-large for the Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association Board of Directors.

********** MEMORIAL RESOLUTIONS **********

HR 466              Muñoz, Jr.

In memory of John A. Lopez of Mission.

HR 473              White

In memory of Hermon Rudolph Netherland of Colmesneil.

HR 474              Fierro

In memory of El Paso County magistrate judge Lillian E. Blancas.

HR 475              Fierro

In memory of Gerardo "Gerald" J. Gamez of El Paso.

HR 477              Fierro

In memory of Rhoberta Lakehomer Leeser of El Paso.

HR 478              Fierro

In memory of Robert Andrew Phoenix.

HR 483              Fierro

In memory of Gary G. Porras of El Paso.

HR 484              Fierro

In memory of Robert "Jaden" Urrea of El Paso.

HR 485              Fierro

In memory of Ramiro Robles of El Paso.

HR 486              Fierro

In memory of Barbara Edith Otero Perez of El Paso.

HR 487              Fierro

In memory of Charles Ponzio Jr. of Austin.

HR 488              Fierro

In memory of George Carrasco Jr. of El Paso.

HR 499              González, Mary

In memory of Mike Norman Borrego of San Elizario.

HR 500              González, Mary

In memory of former El Paso County Justice of the Peace Frank Macias.

HR 501              White

In memory of Lacy Lynette Reynolds of Colmesneil.

HR 509              Ellzey

In memory of Sharon Lynn Mulholland Barnes of Waxahachie.

HR 510              Ellzey

In memory of Melode Seremet of Midlothian.

HR 512              Martinez

In memory of Jose Martinez Jr. of Weslaco.

HR 516              Herrero

In memory of Javier V. Limón of Robstown.

HR 517              Bowers / Neave / Button / Ramos

In memory of former Garland ISD athletic director Homer B. Johnson.

HR 518              Shine

In memory of Killeen firefighter and paramedic Patrick Michael Bergman.

HR 519              Shine

In memory of Raymond Odell Johnson of Temple.

HR 520              Ellzey

In memory of Larry James York of Palmer.

HR 521              Ellzey

In memory of Jimmy Keith McCurdy of Waxahachie.

HR 522              Ellzey

In memory of Richard Charles Harris of Waxahachie.

HR 523              Ellzey

In memory of Debbie Jean Box of Waxahachie.

HR 524              Ellzey

In memory of Patrick Alan McKissick of Waxahachie.

HR 525              Ellzey

In memory of Mary Ann Mulkern Vignaux of Midlothian.

HR 526              Ellzey

In memory of Melvin Ray Kannady of Ferris.

HR 527              Schaefer

In memory of Sam L. Womack of Tyler.

HR 528              King, Tracy O.

In memory of Juan Cornejo of Crystal City.

HR 534              Fierro

In memory of Rosalva Arroyo Soria and Leobardo Soria of El Paso.