Thursday, May 20, 2021




********** SENATE AMENDMENTS **********

Senate amendment printings:

ELIGIBLE AT 4:10 PM MAY 15, 2021:

HB 1544             Guillen / Pacheco

Relating to the eligibility of land to continue to be appraised for ad valorem tax purposes as qualified open-space land if the land is temporarily used for sand mining operations; authorizing a fee.
     Committee Substitute, consisting of 6 pages total.

ELIGIBLE AT 12:30 PM MAY 19, 2021:

HB 699              Rosenthal

Relating to public school attendance requirements for students diagnosed with or undergoing related treatment for severe or life-threatening illnesses.
     Committee Substitute, consisting of 3 pages total.

HB 1571             Muņoz, Jr.

Relating to an exemption for certain cemeteries from cemetery location restrictions.
     Committee Substitute, consisting of 1 page total.

ELIGIBLE AT 12:40 PM MAY 19, 2021:

HB 315              VanDeaver / et al.

Relating to the purchasing of the uniform of certain honorably retired or medically discharged peace officers.
     Committee Substitute, consisting of 2 pages total.