Regular Order of Business for 3/31/2021



March 31, 2021


(Calendar Order)


(Second Reading)

SJR 37 Schwertner

Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to appropriations for the preservation and perpetuation of certain items of historical value; allowing the legislature and state agencies to accept on behalf of the state gifts of items of historical value and contributions to purchase such items.


(Third Reading)

SB 650 Campbell/ et al.

Relating to prohibited logistical support by a governmental entity for procurement of an abortion or the services of an abortion provider.

SB 12 (CS)Hughes/ Bettencourt/ Campbell/ Kolkhorst/ Nelson/ et al.

Relating to complaint procedures and disclosure requirements for social media platforms and to the censorship of users' expressions by an interactive computer service.


(Second Reading)

SB 627 Schwertner

Relating to the creation, purpose, implementation, and funding of the County Park Beautification and Improvement Program.

SB 155 Perry/ et al.

Relating to the use of information from the lists of noncitizens and nonresidents excused or disqualified from jury service.

SB 798 (LC)Nelson/ et al.

Relating to the issuance of a birth record, driver's license, or personal identification certificate to victims and the children of victims of family or dating violence.

SB 198 (LC)Nelson

Relating to the demonstration of weapons proficiency by qualified retired law enforcement officers.

SB 247 Perry

Relating to discrimination against or burdening certain constitutional rights of an applicant for or holder of a license to practice law in this state.

SB 231 (LC)Seliger/ et al.

Relating to training for county election officers.

SB 30 (LC)West/ Alvarado/ Bettencourt/ Birdwell/ Blanco/ et al.

Relating to the removal of certain discriminatory restrictions and provisions from certain real property records.

SB 224 Perry/ West/ et al.

Relating to simplified certification and recertification requirements for certain persons under the supplemental nutrition assistance program.

SB 199 (CS) (LC)Nelson

Relating to automated external defibrillators.

SB 675 (LC)Kolkhorst

Relating to special open season hunting of certain migratory game birds by veterans and members of the United States armed forces on active duty.

SB 599 (LC)Perry

Relating to the removal and disposal of abandoned fishing devices and the seizure and disposition of unlawful fishing devices.

SB 516 Huffman/ et al.

Relating to increasing the criminal penalty for the offense of criminal mischief involving impairment or interruption of access to an automated teller machine.

SB 808 (CS) (LC)Hughes

Relating to recovery of attorney's fees in certain civil cases.

SB 219 (CS)Hughes

Relating to civil liability and responsibility for the consequences of defects in the plans, specifications, or related documents for the construction or repair of an improvement to real property.

SB 160 (LC)Perry

Relating to certain county road reports.

SB 445 (LC)Hughes

Relating to the use of a flashing warning signal light and certain other equipment by a person operating a school bus.

SB 901 (LC)Perry

Relating to the enforcement of commercial motor vehicle safety standards in certain counties.

SB 152 (CS)Perry/ et al.

Relating to the regulation of groundwater conservation districts.

SB 374 (CS) (LC)Seliger

Relating to municipal annexation of certain rights-of-way.

SB 507 (CS)Nichols/ et al.

Relating to an accommodation process authorizing the use of state highway rights-of-way by broadband-only providers.

SB 911 (CS) (LC)Hancock

Relating to the regulation of restaurants and third-party food delivery services, including the issuance of certain alcoholic beverage certificates to restaurants.

SB 860 (CS) (LC)Johnson/ Paxton

Relating to the exclusion of certain car haulers from the definition of tow truck for purposes of certain laws regulating motor vehicle towing.

SB 24 (CS)Huffman/ et al.

Relating to the procedures required before a law enforcement agency hires a peace officer.

SB 271 (LC)Perry

Relating to applicants for employment at assisted living facilities.

SB 1103 (LC)Seliger

Relating to the regulation of nurse aides; requiring an occupational registration.

SB 967 (LC)Kolkhorst

Relating to the expiration and extension of certain public health orders issued by a health authority.

SB 464 Lucio

Relating to reports on deaths from reportable and other communicable diseases to county health authorities and health departments.

SB 297 (LC)Perry

Relating to the criminal history record information requirement for applicants for renewal of a license issued by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy.

SB 367 (LC)Miles

Relating to the requirements for an application for a permit to drill an oil or gas well at a site adjacent to a well blowout site.

SB 43 (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to residential mortgage loans, including the financing of residential real estate purchases by means of a wrap mortgage loan; providing licensing and registration requirements; authorizing an administrative penalty.

SB 44 (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to leave for state employees who are volunteers of certain disaster relief organizations.

SB 211 (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to judicial review of acts by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

SB 244 (LC)Bettencourt/ et al.

Relating to the application of the open meetings law to the board of directors of certain tax reinvestment zones.

SB 291 (CS) (LC)Schwertner

Relating to the posting of certain project information at a commercial building construction site.

SB 338 (LC)Powell

Relating to the adoption of uniform general conditions for building construction contracts entered into by school districts and the composition of the committee that reviews uniform general conditions.

SB 204 Schwertner/ et al.

Relating to the operation of a public school transportation system.

SB 581 (CS) (LC)Bettencourt/ Creighton/ Kolkhorst/ et al.

Relating to regulation by a property owners' association of certain religious displays.

SB 447 Springer/ et al.

Relating to the transfer of Midwestern State University to the Texas Tech University System, to certain fees charged by that system's governing board, and to mandatory venue for actions brought against that system or its institution, officers, or employees.

SB 7 (CS)Hughes/ Bettencourt/ Birdwell/ Buckingham/ Campbell/ et al.

Relating to elections, including election integrity and security; creating a criminal offense; providing civil penalties.

SB 884 (CS) (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to the management and operation by The University of Texas System of a multi-institution center in the city of Laredo.

SB 788 (CS) (LC)Creighton/ Powell/ et al.

Relating to the development of model data-sharing agreements for sharing certain student information between public schools, public and private institutions of higher education, and other entities.

SB 702 (CS) (LC)Paxton/ Buckingham/ Hall/ Lucio

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Prepaid Higher Education Tuition Board.

SB 632 (CS) (LC)Buckingham/ et al.

Relating to provision of broadband infrastructure and connectivity by the Lower Colorado River Authority.

SB 5 (CS)Nichols/ Hancock/ Perry/ West/ et al.

Relating to the expansion of broadband services to certain areas.

SB 73 (CS)Miles

Relating to providing access to local public health entities and certain health service regional offices under Medicaid.

SB 809 (CS)Kolkhorst/ Bettencourt/ Buckingham/ Campbell/ Creighton/ et al.

Relating to health care institution reporting of federal money received for the coronavirus disease public health emergency.

SB 930 (CS)Zaffirini/ et al.

Relating to the disclosure of certain information regarding the occurrence of communicable diseases in residential facilities.

SB 1137 (CS)Kolkhorst/ et al.

Relating to the required disclosure by hospitals of prices for hospital services and items; providing administrative penalties.

SB 442 (CS)Hughes

Relating to local school health advisory councils and health education provided by public schools, including requirements regarding human sexuality instruction.

SB 179 (CS)Lucio/ et al.

Relating to the use of public school counselors' work time.

SB 669 (LC)Springer

Relating to certain reports created by the Texas Water Development Board.

SB 4 (LC)Buckingham/ Bettencourt/ Campbell/ Creighton/ Hinojosa/ et al.

Relating to provisions in agreements between governmental entities and professional sports teams requiring the United States national anthem to be played at team events.

SB 1234 Hughes/ et al.

Relating to a requirement that a voting system use a paper record or produce a paper receipt for verification purposes.

SB 1116 (LC)Bettencourt/ Birdwell/ Creighton/ Hall/ Kolkhorst/ et al.

Relating to a county, city, or independent school district posting election results on an Internet website.

SB 1113 Bettencourt/ Creighton/ Hall/ Kolkhorst/ Schwertner

Relating to a registrar's failure to cancel voter registrations under applicable law.

SB 331 (LC)Johnson

Relating to eligibility to serve as an interpreter in an election.

SB 1 (CS)Nelson

General Appropriations Bill.

SB 634 (CS) (LC)Kolkhorst

Relating to the confidentiality of the identity of certain landowners who participate in a State Soil and Water Conservation Board program to manage or eradicate an invasive species.

SB 905 (CS) (LC)Perry/ Springer

Relating to guidance on the regulations applicable to the potable reuse of wastewater.

SB 1160 (CS)Taylor

Relating to the creation of the Gulf Coast Protection District; providing authority to issue bonds; providing authority to impose fees; providing authority to impose a tax; granting the power of eminent domain.

SB 387 (CS) (LC)Schwertner

Relating to the appeal of rates for water or sewer service charged to certain customers of a municipality.

SB 600 (CS) (LC)Perry

Relating to an inventory of dams controlled by river authorities.

SB 1018 (CS) (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to an early voting ballot voted by mail.

SB 29 (CS)Perry/ Bettencourt/ Birdwell/ Buckingham/ Campbell/ et al.

Relating to requiring public school students to compete in interscholastic athletic competitions based on biological sex.

SB 1156 (LC)Nelson

Relating to the contracting authority of the Health and Human Services Commission for the volunteer advocate for children program.

SB 742 (LC)Birdwell

Relating to installment payments of ad valorem taxes on property in a disaster area.

SB 478 (LC)Nelson

Relating to excluding the furnishing of an academic transcript from the definition of "information service" for purposes of sales and use taxes.

SB 477 (LC)Nelson

Relating to the administration and collection of sales and use taxes and certain fees applicable to sales involving marketplace providers.

SB 813 (LC)Hughes

Relating to the insurance premium tax credit for the certified rehabilitation of certified historic structures.

SB 220 (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to notice and reporting requirements for vendor rebates under a contract listed on a multiple award contract schedule.

SB 851 Blanco

Relating to the composition of the cybersecurity council.

SB 197 (LC)Nelson/ et al.

Relating to a sales and use tax exemption for animals adopted from or sold by nonprofit animal welfare organizations.

SB 1336 Hancock/ Bettencourt/ Birdwell/ Buckingham/ Campbell/ et al.

Relating to a limit on the rate of growth of certain appropriations.

SB 1210 (LC)Johnson/ Bettencourt

Relating to substitutes for hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants applicable to commercial or residential buildings or construction.

SB 1181 (LC)Creighton

Relating to the towing of certain property from a self-service storage facility for disposition by a vehicle storage facility.

SB 1202 (LC)Hancock

Relating to the applicability of certain utility provisions to a vehicle charging service.

SB 1216 (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to a local option election on the sale of alcoholic beverages in certain areas of a municipality.

SB 790 (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to county authority to balance bill for county air ambulance services.

SB 918 (LC)Kolkhorst

Relating to the size, terms, and election of boards of directors of certain insurance companies.

SB 874 (LC)Hancock

Relating to the reporting and expiration dates of a temporary health insurance risk pool administered by the commissioner of insurance.

SB 760 (LC)Springer

Relating to the removal of solar power facilities.

SB 1284 (LC)Hancock/ et al.

Relating to consumption of alcoholic beverages in public entertainment facilities and zones.

SB 1523 (LC)Hancock

Relating to registered and protected series of domestic limited liability companies; authorizing fees.

SB 1280 (LC)Hancock

Relating to certain provisions of The Securities Act for which a person offering or selling a security may be held liable to a person buying the security.

SB 195 (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to grounds for refusal of certain alcoholic beverage licenses and permits.

SB 1203 (LC)Hancock

Relating to business entities.

SB 783 (LC)Creighton

Relating to the purchase of iron and steel products made in the United States for certain projects by public institutions of higher education.

SB 935 (LC)West

Relating to an exception to the titling requirement for certain vehicles; creating a criminal offense.

SB 1308 (CS) (LC)Blanco

Relating to a study on the impacts of using certain motor vehicle technologies.

SB 1323 (LC)Hinojosa

Relating to preemployment physical examinations for employment with the Texas Department of Transportation.

SB 796 (CS)Schwertner/ Bettencourt/ Buckingham

Relating to hearing and public notice requirements regarding the purchase or conversion by a municipality of certain properties to house homeless individuals.

SB 709 (CS) (LC)Hall/ Blanco/ Buckingham/ Hinojosa/ Paxton/ et al.

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.

SB 479 (LC)Hughes

Relating to the powers of the TexAmericas Center, including its authority to issue bonds.

SB 186 (LC)Perry

Relating to the authority of a county to issue bonds to restore or maintain a county courthouse.

SB 230 (CS) (LC)Seliger/ et al.

Relating to the continuing education requirement for county commissioners.

SB 965 (CS) (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to rate filing requirements for certain personal lines insurers with low market share.

SB 415 (CS) (LC)Hancock

Relating to use of electric energy storage facilities in the ERCOT power region.

SB 1368 (LC)Creighton

Relating to the limitations periods for certain suits against real estate appraisers and appraisal firms.

SB 14 (CS)Creighton/ Bettencourt/ Buckingham/ Campbell/ Hall/ et al.

Relating to the regulation by a municipality or county of certain employment benefits and policies.

SB 398 (LC)Menéndez

Relating to distributed renewable generation resources.