Senate Floor Action for 5/21/2021



May 21, 2021

The Senate suspended the necessary rules to consider and finally pass:

HB 115 (CS) (LC)Rodriguez/ Craddick/ Cole/ Hinojosa/ Goodwin/ et al. SP: Seliger/ et al.

Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of certain property owned by a charitable organization and used in providing housing and related services to certain homeless individuals.

HB 458 (LC)Shaheen/ Neave/ Morales, Eddie/ Krause/ Jetton SP: Zaffirini

Relating to the collection and enforcement of withholding of income for the payment of child support.

HB 632 (LC)Darby/ Anchia/ Geren/ Craddick/ Longoria SP: Seliger

Relating to the establishment of an advisory committee for the TexNet seismic monitoring program.

HB 692 (LC)Shine/ Bell, Keith/ Darby/ Bell, Cecil/ et al. SP: Creighton

Relating to retainage requirements for certain public works construction projects.

2 Floor Amendments

HB 750 Burns SP: Perry

Relating to requiring a school district to post the district's employment policy on the district's Internet website.

1 Floor Amendment

HB 872 (LC)Bernal/ Howard/ Lopez/ Minjarez/ Hernandez SP: Menéndez

Relating to the disclosure of certain utility customer information.

1 Floor Amendment

HB 911 (LC)Patterson/ Buckley/ Schaefer/ Ellzey/ Morales, Eddie SP: Blanco/ et al.

Relating to the issuance of specially marked driver's licenses and personal identification certificates to veterans.

HB 912 (LC)Cortez SP: Menéndez/ et al.

Relating to the issuance of specialty license plates for recipients of the Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal.

HB 963 (LC)Lozano/ Landgraf/ Dominguez/ Guillen SP: Zaffirini

Relating to the Texas natural gas vehicle grant program.

HB 1012 (LC)Dutton/ Collier/ Lambert SP: Zaffirini

Relating to access to a residence or former residence to retrieve certain personal property.

HB 1062 (LC)Bell, Cecil/ Guillen SP: Taylor

Relating to the eligibility of certain 17-year-old persons to serve as members of the Texas State Guard.

HB 1153 (LC)Vo SP: Birdwell

Relating to the applicability of the Texas Fair Housing Act to certain sales and rentals.

HB 1239 (CS) (LC)Sanford/ Metcalf/ Raymond/ Slawson/ Noble/ et al. SP: Paxton/ et al.

Relating to the prohibited suspension of laws protecting religious freedom and prohibited closure of places of worship.

HB 1259 (LC)Darby/ Anderson/ Stucky/ Buckley/ Rogers/ et al. SP: Seliger

Relating to the rural veterinarian incentive program.

HB 1284 (LC)Paddie SP: Hancock/ et al.

Relating to the regulation of the injection and geologic storage of carbon dioxide in this state.

HB 1371 (CS) (LC)Guerra/ Guillen/ King, Tracy O./ Muñoz, Jr./ Morales, Eddie/ et al. SP: Lucio/ et al.

Relating to the continuation of the Trade Agricultural Inspection Grant Program.

HB 1522 (LC)Frank/ Burrows/ Frullo/ Parker/ Spiller SP: Springer

Relating to the transfer of Midwestern State University to the Texas Tech University System, to certain fees charged by that system's governing board, and to mandatory venue for actions brought against that system or its institutions, officers, or employees.

HB 1565 (CS) (LC)Paddie SP: Buckingham

Relating to the continuation and transfer of the regulation of willed body programs to the Texas Funeral Service Commission, the regulation of willed body programs and non-transplant anatomical donation organizations, and the creation of the State Anatomical Advisory Committee; authorizing a fee.

HB 1570 Paddie SP: Hall

Relating to the Brazos River Authority, following recommendations of the Sunset Advisory Commission; specifying grounds for the removal of a member of the board of directors.

HB 1616 Bonnen/ Johnson, Ann/ Shaheen SP: Huffman/ et al.

Relating to the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact; authorizing fees.

HB 1920 Capriglione/ Tinderholt/ King, Phil/ White/ Anchia SP: Springer

Relating to the offense of possessing a weapon in a secured area of an airport.

HB 2058 (LC)Klick SP: Zaffirini

Relating to age-appropriate normalcy activities for children in the managing conservatorship of the state.

HB 2225 (LC)King, Tracy O./ Guillen/ Zwiener SP: Zaffirini

Relating to the powers and duties of the Parks and Wildlife Department regarding the Texas Water Trust.

HB 2593 Moody/ Guillen/ Morales Shaw/ Morales, Eddie SP: Johnson/ et al.

Relating to the criminal penalties for the possession of certain tetrahydrocannabinols under the Texas Controlled Substances Act.

1 Floor Amendment

HB 2926 (LC)Parker/ Krause/ Minjarez/ Talarico/ et al. SP: Buckingham/ et al.

Relating to the reinstatement of the parent-child relationship with respect to a person whose parental rights have been involuntarily terminated and to certain requirements in relation to the termination of the parent-child relationship or placement of a child in substitute care.

HB 3069 (LC)Holland/ Leach/ Moody/ Johnson, Julie/ Harris/ et al. SP: Hughes

Relating to statutes of limitation and repose for certain claims involving the construction or repair of an improvement to real property or equipment attached to real property.

HB 3319 (LC)Meyer/ Stucky/ et al. SP: Hancock

Relating to certain measures to promote compliance with and improve public awareness of the state's move over or slow down law concerning the passing of certain vehicles.

HB 3476 (CS)Schofield SP: Bettencourt/ et al.

Relating to certificates of public convenience and necessity issued to water utilities inside the boundaries or extraterritorial jurisdiction of certain municipalities.

1 Floor Amendment

HB 3481 (LC)Rose/ Reynolds SP: West/ et al.

Relating to designating December 1 as Rosa Parks Day.

HB 3489 (LC)Parker/ Dutton/ Ordaz Perez/ Buckley/ Price SP: Taylor

Relating to development of guidelines for the use of digital devices in public schools and a school district or open-enrollment charter school policy for the effective integration of those devices.

HB 3516 (LC)King, Tracy O./ Guillen SP: Perry

Relating to the regulation of the recycling of fluid oil and gas waste.

HB 3533 (LC)Martinez SP: Seliger

Relating to the security requirement for the issuance or renewal of a motor vehicle dealer general distinguishing number or a wholesale motor vehicle auction general distinguishing number.

HB 3583 (LC)Paddie SP: Hinojosa

Relating to energy savings performance contracts.

HB 3932 (CS) (LC)Bernal/ Guillen SP: Menéndez/ et al.

Relating to the establishment of the State Advisory Council on Educational Opportunity for Military Children.

HB 4202 (LC)Rose SP: West

Relating to including work colleges in the TexShare library consortium.

HB 4621 (LC)Herrero SP: Hinojosa

Relating to the number, terms, and compensation of the commissioners of the Nueces County Drainage and Conservation District Number 2.

The Senate suspended the regular order, read the second time, and passed to third reading:

HB 957 Oliverson/ Hefner/ White/ Guillen/ Schaefer/ et al. SP: Springer/ et al.

Relating to local, state, and federal regulation of firearm suppressors.

HB 1128 Jetton/ Harris/ Lozano SP: Kolkhorst/ et al.

Relating to persons permitted to be in a polling place or a place where ballots are being counted.

HB 1788 Hefner SP: Hughes/ et al.

Relating to immunity from liability of public and private schools and security personnel employed by those schools for certain actions of security personnel.

HB 3979 (CS)Toth/ Leach/ Metcalf/ Bonnen/ Parker/ et al. SP: Creighton

Relating to the social studies curriculum in public schools.

3 Floor Amendments

HB 4346 Leman/ Cain/ Paul/ Vasut/ Schofield/ et al. SP: Springer

Relating to the possession, carrying, or transportation of a firearm or alcoholic beverage by certain persons during the use of an easement.

1 Floor Amendment

The Senate adopted the following resolutions:

SR 408 Powell

Recognizing the Texas Municipal Clerks Association on the occasion of its 35th anniversary.

SCR 50 (LC)Campbell/ et al.

Directing the governor of the State of Texas to award the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor to U.S. Army Private Marcelino Serna and to U.S. Coast Guard Seaman Apprentice William Ray Flores.

HCR 25 (LC)Krause/ Turner, Chris/ Price/ Collier/ Cyrier/ et al. SP: Powell

Expressing support for full funding of the U.S. Army's Future Vertical Lift program, including the Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft and Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft.

Committee referral on the following:

HB 492 Wu/ Moody/ King, Phil/ White/ Crockett/ et al. SP: West

Relating to the issuance of a warrant authorizing the use of a no-knock entry by a peace officer.


HB 4509 Bonnen/ et al. SP: Taylor

Relating to instruction on informed American patriotism in public schools.