COMMITTEE:    Criminal Jurisprudence 

TIME & DATE:  2:00 PM, Monday, March 8, 2021 

PLACE:       E2.010 
CHAIR:       Rep. Nicole Collier 


HB 187         Thompson, Senfronia
Relating to the consideration of a subsequent writ of habeas corpus in certain felony cases.

HB 225         Thompson, Senfronia                                    
Relating to the procedure for an application for a writ of habeas corpus based on certain new evidence.

HB 252         Moody                                                 
Relating to certain sentencing procedures in a capital case.

HB 275         Moody                                                 
Relating to an application for a writ of habeas corpus based on certain relevant scientific evidence that was not available at the applicant's trial.

HB 295         Murr                                                  
Relating to the provision of funding for indigent defense services.

HB 372         González, Jessica                                      
Relating to the representation of certain indigent applicants for a writ of habeas corpus.

HB 569         Sanford                                               
Relating to credit toward payment of a fine and costs for certain misdemeanants confined in jail or prison before sentencing.

HB 679         Gervin-Hawkins                                         
Relating to the standards for attorneys representing indigent defendants in certain capital felony cases.

HB 689         Collier                                               
Relating to the appearance of an arrested person before a magistrate.

HB 743         Collier                                               
Relating to a maximum allowable caseload for certain attorneys.

HB 873         Collier                                               
Relating to the unlawful restraint of a dog; creating a criminal offense.

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HB 277


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