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COMMITTEE:    Criminal Jurisprudence 

TIME & DATE:  1:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess or bill referral if permission granted
Monday, March 29, 2021 

PLACE:       E2.010 
CHAIR:       Rep. Nicole Collier 


HB 9           Klick | et al.
Relating to the criminal punishment and conditions of community supervision for the offense of obstructing a highway or other passageway; increasing a criminal penalty.

HB 217         Thompson, Senfronia                                    
Relating to postconviction forensic DNA testing.

HB 462         Shaheen                                               
Relating to the prosecution of the offense of trafficking of persons.

HB 492         Wu                                                    
Relating to a prohibition on the issuance of a warrant authorizing the use of a no-knock entry by a peace officer.

HB 1002        Lucio III                                             
Relating to the use of hypnotically induced testimony in a criminal trial.

HB 1038        Beckley | et al.                                       
Relating to the repeal of the criminal offense of homosexual conduct.

HB 1156        Thierry | et al.                                       
Relating to creating the criminal offense of financial abuse of an elderly individual.

HB 1272        Crockett | et al.                                      
Relating to a prohibition on the issuance of a warrant authorizing the use of a no-knock entry by a peace officer.

HB 1599        Johnson, Jarvis                                        
Relating to the use of hypnotically induced testimony in a criminal trial.

HB 1717        Thompson, Senfronia                                    
Relating to the state's continuing duty to disclose exculpatory, impeachment, or mitigating evidence in a criminal case and prohibited retaliation against local assistant prosecutors for discharging that duty.

HB 2315        Turner, John | et al.                                  
Relating to the prosecution of the criminal offenses of racing on a highway and organized criminal activity involving that conduct and to the forfeiture of contraband relating to that conduct; creating a criminal offense.

HB 2446        Canales                                               
Relating to the reimbursement of expenses to certain counsel appointed to represent a defendant in a criminal proceeding.

HB 2448        Canales                                               
Relating to the verification of the incarceration of an accused person in a criminal case for the purpose of discharging a surety's liability on a bail bond.

HB 2631        Krause | et al.                                        
Relating to the use of in-custody informant testimony in a criminal trial.

HB 2725        Martinez Fischer                                       
Relating to increasing the criminal penalty for using certain materially false or misleading statements in the commission of the offense of fraudulent use or possession of identifying information.

HB 2864        Collier                                               
Relating to the governance and administration of the Texas Indigent Defense Commission and to certain disclosures made in relation to the provision of funding for indigent defense services.

HB 3022        Herrero                                               
Relating to the expunction of arrest records and files by a statutory county court.

HB 3224        Leach                                                 
Relating to the exclusion of certain witnesses during a criminal proceeding.

HB 3875        Crockett                                              
Relating to narrowing the definition of the offense of compelling prostitution.

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HB 3830


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Persons with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and who may need assistance, such as a sign language interpreter, are requested to contact Stacey Nicchio at (512) 463-0850, 72 hours prior to the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made.