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COMMITTEE:    Criminal Jurisprudence 

TIME & DATE:  1:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess or bill referral if permission granted
Monday, April 19, 2021 

PLACE:       E2.010 
CHAIR:       Rep. Nicole Collier 


HB 77          Toth | et al.
Relating to prohibiting the death penalty for a defendant whose conviction is based solely on certain evidence.

HB 140         Rose | et al.                                         
Relating to the applicability of the death penalty to a capital offense committed by a person with severe mental illness.

HB 285         Murr                                                  
Relating to increasing the punishment for certain conduct constituting the criminal offense of obstruction or retaliation.

HB 670         Martinez                                              
Relating to prohibiting the reckless discharge of a firearm; creating a criminal offense.

HB 708         Shaheen                                               
Relating to creating the criminal offense of possession of an animal by a person who has been previously convicted of an offense involving animal cruelty.

HB 799         Rosenthal                                             
Relating to prohibiting carrying a firearm while intoxicated; creating a criminal offense.

HB 869         Thompson, Senfronia | et al.                           
Relating to the applicability of the death penalty to a capital offense committed by a person with an intellectual disability.

HB 970         Dutton                                                
Relating to prosecutorial transparency.

HB 1126        Anchia                                                
Relating to an application for a writ of habeas corpus in certain felony cases.

HB 1127        Anchia                                                
Relating to an application for a writ of habeas corpus in a community supervision case.

HB 1349        Crockett                                              
Relating to the punishment for the offense of murder committed by a peace officer; increasing a criminal penalty.

HB 1636        Sherman, Sr.                                          
Relating to allowing therapy or facility dogs to accompany a child or a person with a disability during testimony in certain criminal cases.

HB 1750        Crockett                                              
Relating to the use of force or deadly force in defense of a person.

HB 2146        Allen                                                 
Relating to the punishment of certain controlled substance offenses committed in a drug-free zone.

HB 2198        Schaefer                                              
Relating to the prosecution and punishment for certain offenses regarding the possession or promotion of lewd material depicting a child; creating criminal offenses; increasing criminal penalties.

HB 2436        Davis                                                 
Relating to the establishment of a community pretrial review panel by each county for the resolution and diversion of certain misdemeanor cases out of the criminal justice system.

HB 2498        Campos                                                
Relating to harassment using a temporary or disposable telephone number; creating a criminal offense.

HB 3065        Davis                                                 
Relating to the creation of a commission to study the terminology of the penal laws and the justice system of this state.

HB 3087        Smith                                                 
Relating to prohibiting urination or defecation in certain public places; creating a criminal offense.

HB 3205        Ellzey                                                
Relating to increasing the criminal penalty for committing certain offenses while wearing a mask or military-style gear.

HB 3350        Moody                                                 
Relating to a protective order regarding a defendant charged with certain offenses against persons or property; creating a criminal offense.

HB 3521        Hunter                                                
Relating to the definition of coercion for purposes of trafficking of persons.

HB 3772        White | et al.                                         
Relating to the criminal and licensing consequences of certain criminal offenses involving the possession or delivery of marihuana and cannabis concentrate or possession of drug paraphernalia; imposing a fee; authorizing a fine.

HB 4282        Morales Shaw                                          
Relating to creating the criminal offense of possession of an animal by a person convicted of multiple offenses involving animal cruelty and to conditions of punishment and community supervision for defendants convicted of certain criminal offenses involving animals.

HB 4338        Johnson, Ann                                          
Relating to the duty of the attorney general to represent community supervision and corrections departments in certain habeas corpus proceedings.

HB 4485        Guillen                                               
Relating to the release of a defendant arrested for a misdemeanor punishable by fine only.

HB 4486        Guillen                                               
Relating to procedures for identifying defendants suspected of having a mental illness or intellectual disability.

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Bills deleted after last posting:

HB 1944

HB 2338

HB 3670

HB 3869


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