COMMITTEE:    Defense & Veterans' Affairs 

TIME & DATE:  10:00 AM, Monday, March 15, 2021 

PLACE:       E2.028 
CHAIR:       Rep. Richard Peña Raymond 


HB 33          Dominguez
Relating to measures to facilitate the award of postsecondary course credit leading to workforce credentialing based on military experience, education, and training.

HB 139         Buckley | et al.                                       
Relating to state occupational licensing of certain military veterans and military spouses.

HB 737         White | et al.                                         
Relating to military toll discount programs.

HB 739         Lopez | et al.                                         
Relating to a grant program administered by the Texas Veterans Commission to provide energy industry career training for veterans.

HB 1398        White                                                 
Relating to the verification of the veteran status of prisoners confined in county jails.

HB 1060        King, Phil                                            
Relating to a ribbon for certain service members of the military who served in support of operations to secure this state's international border.

HB 1092        Romero, Jr.                                           
Relating to the verification of the veteran status of inmates and prisoners.

HB 1081        Kuempel                                               
Relating to the issuance of specialty license plates to honor recipients of the Presidential Service Badge.

HB 1062        Bell, Cecil                                           
Relating to the eligibility of certain 17-year-old persons to serve as members of the Texas State Guard.

HB 626         Rosenthal                                             
Relating to the expansion of the Texas Innovative Adult Career Education (ACE) Grant Program to include certain nonprofit organizations providing job training to veterans.

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Bills deleted after last posting:

HB 1208


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