COMMITTEE:    Land & Resource Management 

TIME & DATE:  8:00 AM, Tuesday, April 6, 2021 

PLACE:       E2.010 
CHAIR:       Rep. Joe Deshotel 


HB 1475        Cyrier
Relating to municipal board of adjustment zoning variances based on unnecessary hardship.

HB 1526        Kuempel                                               
Relating to cemeteries in certain municipalities.

HB 1653        Craddick                                              
Relating to disannexation of certain areas that do not receive full municipal services.

HB 1719        Reynolds                                              
Relating to development regulations in Fort Bend County near the Brazos River; creating a criminal offense.

HB 1879        Schofield                                             
Relating to establishing actual progress for the purpose of determining the right to repurchase real property from a condemning entity.

HB 1897        Sanford                                               
Relating to disclosure requirements for agreements consenting to  municipal annexation.

HB 1910        Schofield                                             
Relating to cemeteries in certain municipalities.

HB 1929        Wilson                                                
Relating to the breach of development agreement contracts governing land in the extraterritorial jurisdiction of certain municipalities.

HB 2573        Kuempel                                               
Relating to the applicability of certain municipal ordinances in the municipality's extraterritorial jurisdiction.

HB 2590        Leach                                                 
Relating to the time for the issuance of municipal building permits.

HB 2776        Deshotel                                              
Relating to municipal release of extraterritorial jurisdiction and disannexation involving certain areas.

HB 2947        Cyrier                                                
Relating to the regulation of recreational vehicle rental communities.

HB 3800        Darby                                                 
Relating to the release of a reversionary interest in certain real property by the Health and Human Services Commission and conditions related to that release.

HB 3827        Wilson                                                
Relating to the municipal disannexation of certain areas formerly designated as a census designated place.

HB 3883        Biedermann                                            
Relating to development regulations for certain unincorporated areas located within the Hill Country Priority Groundwater Management Area; authorizing a fee; authorizing a civil penalty; creating a criminal offense.

HB 3893        Hinojosa | et al.                                      
Relating to the modification of a 99-year lease of certain state property.

HB 4107        Burrows                                               
Relating to the exercise of the power of eminent domain by a common carrier pipeline.

HB 4121        Guillen                                               
Relating to prompt review of land development applications and the award of court costs and attorney's fees against a political subdivision in certain actions.

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