COMMITTEE:    Public Education 

TIME & DATE:  8:00 AM, Tuesday, April 13, 2021 

PLACE:       Capitol Extension Auditorium, E1.004 
CHAIR:       Rep. Harold V. Dutton, Jr. 


HB 24          Dominguez | et al.
Relating to funding for school districts to provide inclusive and accessible playgrounds.

HB 204         Thierry                                               
Relating to requiring school districts and open-enrollment charter schools to provide a landline telephone or panic button in every classroom.

HB 370         Gervin-Hawkins                                         
Relating to the implementation of certain rules regarding public school accountability adopted by the commissioner of education or the Texas Education Agency.

HB 742         Burns | et al.                                         
Relating to procedures for the alternative assessment of certain public school students that receive special education services and alternative accountability plans for certain campuses serving students that receive special education services.

HB 750         Burns                                                 
Relating to requiring a school district to post the district's employment policy on the district's Internet website.

HB 764         Krause | et al.                                        
Relating to the academic assessment of public school students.

HB 1016        Ordaz Perez | et al.                                   
Relating to active shooter drills conducted by public schools.

HB 1252        Moody                                                 
Relating to the limitation period for filing a complaint and requesting a special education impartial due process hearing.

HB 1288        Reynolds                                              
Relating to the date on which an election for trustees of certain school districts must be held.

HB 1311        Reynolds                                              
Relating to the election of trustees of certain school districts.

HB 1568        Middleton | et al.                                     
Relating to the school district property value study conducted by the comptroller of public accounts.

HB 2193        Dominguez | et al.                                     
Relating to the creation of an adaptive sports program by the University Interscholastic League to provide students with disabilities access to team sports.

HB 2391        Dominguez                                             
Relating to the use of weighted lotteries for student admission to public schools or for student transfers within a school district.

HB 2465        Gervin-Hawkins                                         
Relating to requiring cultural inclusion curriculum as part of the enrichment curriculum for public schools.

HB 2664        Martinez                                              
Relating to the authority of an independent school district to change the date of the general election and terms for officers.

HB 2681        Wilson                                                
Relating to public school elective courses providing academic study of the Bible offered to certain students.

HB 2800        Dean                                                  
Relating to the limitation on administration and use of certain assessment instruments in public schools.

HB 3089        Hull | et al.                                         
Relating to meetings of school districts' local school health advisory councils.

HB 3332        Lozano                                                
Relating to a study on the gap in student grade point averages resulting from the accessibility of dual credit courses to public high school students.

HB 3400        Paddie                                                
Relating to the transfer of certain public school students who are children of peace officers.

HB 3430        Landgraf                                              
Relating to the establishment of a grant program for school districts or open-enrollment charter school campuses that are designated as full-service community schools.

HB 3449        Price                                                 
Relating to the membership of a public school concussion oversight team and the removal of a public school student from an interscholastic athletic activity on the basis of a suspected concussion.

HB 3485        Goodwin                                               
Relating to information reported through the Public Education Information Management System and to parents regarding disciplinary measures used by a school district or open-enrollment charter school.

HB 3638        Johnson, Jarvis                                        
Relating to the establishment of the African American studies advisory board by the State Board of Education.

HB 3668        VanDeaver                                             
Relating to eliminating certain state-required assessment instruments and certain end-of-course assessment instruments not required by federal law, removal of high-stakes on children and temporary suspension of accountability determinations including criterion for promotion or graduation of a public school student.

HB 3880        Dutton | et al.                                        
Relating to a student's eligibility for special education services provided by a school district.

HB 3889        Morales Shaw | et al.                                  
Relating to the cost for certain public school students of a broadband Internet access program offered by the Texas Education Agency.

HB 3979        Toth | et al.                                         
Relating to civics instruction public school students and instruction policies in public schools.

HB 4096        Howard                                                
Relating to the development of a model data-sharing agreement for sharing student information between public schools, public and private postsecondary educational institutions, and certain community organizations.

HB 4257        Morales Shaw                                          
Relating to the trauma-informed care policy for school districts and open-enrollment charter schools.

HB 4334        Minjarez                                              
Relating to the provision of information regarding certain public assistance programs by public schools.

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HB 24

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HB 1994


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