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                                                                              WITNESS LIST

              HB 2730

              Senate Committee Report


              May 20, 2021 - 9:00 AM


                                          Kaufman, Lisa    (Texas Civil Justice League/ Coalition for Criminal Infrastructure),

                                          Austin, TX

                                          Opiela, Eric   President  (South Texans' Property Rights Association), Austin, TX

                                          Taylor, Jaren    (AECT), Sunnyvale, TX

                                          Zabel, Thomas A.   Attorney  (Texas Pipeline Assoc.), Houston, TX

                       Registering, but not testifying:


                                          Billingsley, Anne T.   Director, Government Affairs  (ONEOK, Inc.), Austin, TX

                                          Bresnen, Steve   Attorney  (North Harris County Regional Water Authority), Austin, TX

                                          Cannon, Thure   President  (Texas Pipeline Association), Austin, TX

                                          Christian, George   Senior Counsel  (Texas Civil Justice League), Austin, TX

                                          Cubriel, Beth   Principal, Michael Best Services  (Plains All American Pipeline), Austin,


                                          Davis, Joy   Associate Legislative Director  (Texas Farm Bureau), Austin, TX

                                          DeWeese, Amy   Governmental Affairs Manager  (Atmos Energy Corporation), Austin, TX

                                          Di Cosimo, Vincent   VP Government Affairs  (TARGA Resources Corp and TPA),

                                          Houston, TX

                                          Flores, Aurora   Legislative Consultant  (Texas Association of Counties), Austin, TX

                                          Gaines, Jimmy   President  (Texas Landowners Council), Austin, TX

                                          Gibson, Kari   Manager, State Government Affairs  (ConocoPhillips), Austin, TX

                                          Howard, Robert    (Self) , Austin, TX

                                          Jackson, Wroe   Director of Government Affairs & Operations  (Texas Association of

                                          Manufacturers), Austin, TX

                                          Kearns, Dennis A.   General Counsel  (Texas Railroad Assn.), Austin, TX

                                          Lary, Trey   Attorney  (West Harris County Regional Water Authority and North Fort Bend

                                          Water Authority), Austin, TX

                                          Miller, Lindsey   Director, Government Affairs  (Enterprise Products), Houston, TX

                                          Modglin, Jason   President  (Texas Alliance of Energy Producers), Austin, TX

                                          Morris, Joe    (Texas Forestry Association), Austin, TX

                                          Noonan, Chris   Director of Government Affairs  (Texas Chemical Council), Austin, TX

                                          Omey, Samantha A.   Sr. Advisor Public and Government Affairs  (Exxon Mobil), Austin,


                                          Parsley, Lee   General Counsel  (Texans for Lawsuit Reform), Austin, TX

                                          Paylor, Ryan   Director of Government Affairs  (Texas Independent Producers and Royalty

                                          Owners Association), Austin, TX

                                          Shannon, Fred    (Williams), Austin, TX

                                          Shepperd, Ben   President  (Permian Basin Petroleum Association), Midland, TX

                                          Sims, Carol   Executive Director  (Texas Civil Justice League), Austin, TX

                                          Skorborczyk, Ryan   Director  (Texas Nursery & Landscape Association), Austin, TX


                                                                              WITNESS LIST

              HB 2730

              Senate Committee Report


                                          Staples, Todd   President  (TXOGA), Austin, TX

                                          Stevens, Bill   Consultant  (Panhandle Producers and Royalty Owners Assn.), Austin, TX

                                          Treadway, CJ   Consultant  (Central Harris County Regional Water Authority), Austin, TX

                                          Wehmeyer, Mackenna   Lobbyist  (Texas Rail Advocates), Austin, TX


                                          Buchholtz, Chelsea   Executive Director  (TX Real Estate Commission), Austin, TX

                       Providing written testimony:


                                          Kelly, Bill   Director of Government Relations  (City of Houston - Mayor's Office),

                                          Houston, TX