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                                                                                    WITNESS LIST

            Criminal Justice Reform, Interim Study Committee

            August 24, 2022 - 9:00 AM

            Charge 2(D): Juvenile Age Range and Procedures


                                 Carter, Shandra (Texas Juvenile Justice Department)

                                 Carter, William (Self; Lubbock County Juvenile Justice Center)

                                 Evans, Joe (Self; IEA)

                                 Hadnot, H. Lynn (Collin County Juvenile Probation Department)

                                 Henneke, Elizabeth (Lone Star Justice Alliance)

                                 Ivory, Gary (Youth Advocate Programs, Inc.)

                                 Marquez, Marc (El Paso Co. Juvenile Justice Center)

                                 Martinez, Martin (Texas Appleseed)

                                 Reyes, Sarah (Texas Center for Justice and Equity)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Celera, Kristoffer Ian (Austin Republican Liberty Causus)

                                 Miller, Amy (Texas Juvenile Justice Department)

                                 Serrano, Louis (Texas Juvenile Justice Department)

            Charge 2(E): Recidivism and Reentry


                                 Arbour, Courtney (Texas Workforce Commission)

                                 Arismendez, Mike (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation)

                                 Blain, Charles (Urban Reform)

                                 Brophey, Patrick (North Texas Commission)

                                 Carter, Jennifer (Goodwill Central Texas)

                                 Crain, Christina Melton (Unlocking Doors)

                                 Emerick, David (JPMorgan Chase & Co.)

                                 Gerrick, Emily (Self; Texas Fair Defense Project)

                                 Hartman, Kristina (Windham School District)

                                 May, Teresa (Harris Co. Community Supervision & Corrections Assoc.)

                                 Norton, Kaden (Prison Fellowship Ministries)

                                 Tucker, Terra (Alliance for Safety and Justice)

                                 Vaughn, Jason (Self; First 90)

                                 Zamora, April (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Hurtado, Jessica (Texas Dept Licensing and Regulation)

                                 Miller, Amy (Texas Juvenile Justice Department)