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                                                                              WITNESS LIST


            May 21, 2021 9:00 AM

            HB 2


                                 Ginn, Vance  Chief Economist (Texas Public Policy Foundation)


                                 McGinty, Jerry  Director  (also providing written testimony) (Legislative Budget Board)

                                 Rome, Christy  Executive Director (Texas School Coalition), Austin, TX

                                 Shallow, Stewart  General Counsel  (also providing written testimony) (Legislative Budget


                  Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Reed, Cyrus  Conservation Director (Lone Star Chapter Sierra Club), Austin, TX

                                 Shepperd, John  Executive Director (Texas Foundation for Conservation), Austin

                                 Sinclair, David  Legislative Consultant (Game Warden Peace Officers Association),

                                 Pflugerville, TX

                                 Sullivan, Ray  (John L. Nau), Austin, TX

                                 Yanas, Christine  Vice President of Policy & Advocacy (Methodist Healthcare Ministries of

                                 South Texas, Inc.), San Antonio, TX


                                 Collier, Bryan  Texas Department  Criminal Justice - Executive Director (TX Dept. Crim


                                 Gordon, Jeff  General Counsel (GLO)

                                 Meyer, Mike  Deputy Commissioner - Finance (Texas Education Agency)

                                 Norris, Tracy R.  Major General, Adjutant General of Texas (Texas Military Department)

                                 Rodriguez, Will  Executive Director, Texas Tech Health Science Ctr. (Texas Tech Health

                                 Science Center)

                                 Steffa, Ron  Chief Financial Officer (Texas Department of Criminal Justice), Huntsville, TX

                                 Taylor, Shelia  Director of State Administration (Texas Military Dept.)

                                 Trevino, Rebecca  TX Water Development Board CFO (TWDB)

                                 Valle, Hector M.  (Texas General Land Office), Austin, TX

                                 Whittenton, Suzy  CFO (DPS)

                                 Williams, Jeoff  Lt. Colonel (DPS)