88S10177 BK-D
  By: Menéndez S.R. No. 15
         WHEREAS, San Antonio lost an admired activist, artist, and
  cultural historian with the passing of Ramon Vasquez y Sanchez on
  May 8, 2023, at the age of 83; and
         WHEREAS, The son of Olivia Sanchez and Ramon Vasquez, Ramon
  Vasquez y Sanchez was born on the city's Westside on May 6, 1940; he
  attended San Antonio College and joined the staff of the Bexar
  County Archives to focus on the preservation of Mexican American
  history; in addition, he was a member of the Bexar County Historical
  Commission; he also gained increasing recognition as an artist,
  illustrating the Bexar County coat of arms and publishing work in
  newspapers and other media; his acclaimed paintings of the early
  Indian Missions centered on the ordinary people and Mexican heroes
  generally left out of historical narratives, and his subjects
  included daily life in the barrio; and
         WHEREAS, Mr. Vasquez y Sanchez became a leader in the Chicano
  rights movement; he wrote the preamble for the establishment of the
  Raza Unida Party, provided graphic designs, and served as vice
  chair and gubernatorial campaign manager; as chair of the Bilingual
  Bicultural Coalition on Mass Media, he oversaw suits against the
  Federal Communications Commission that led to greater Mexican
  American representation among journalists; he was a fierce advocate
  for equity in city arts funding, and he was instrumental in
  establishing Centro Cultural Aztlan and ran its visual arts program
  for decades; in that role, he encouraged other artists, created a
  sense of community, and popularized public Día de los Muertos
  commemorations; he also fought for the inclusion of Mexican
  American and Tejano stories in the Alamo narrative and organized
  the first "Olvidate del Alamo" and "Las Mujeres del Alamo" art
  exhibits; tenacious and outspoken, he nevertheless expressed his
  strong viewpoints with grace, courtesy, and logic; and
         WHEREAS, In 1988, Mr. Vasquez y Sanchez helped reorganize the
  Mission Descendant Families of Northeastern Mexico and South Texas
  under the umbrella of the Tap Pilam Coahuiltecan Nation; he served
  as a tribal council member for over three decades; moreover, he
  formed the nonprofit group American Indians in Texas at the Spanish
  Colonial Missions and united with other activists to secure the
  return of over 150 ancestral remains to Mission San Juan
  Capistrano; and
         WHEREAS, Mr. Vasquez y Sanchez married Gloria Camarillo in
  1962, and they became the parents of three children, Ramon Juan
  Vasquez, Edna Marie Vasquez, and Marisol Vasquez; he and his second
  wife, Maria Magdalena Gonzales, had one son, Javier Ramon Vasquez;
  following her passing, he was fortunate enough to find love again,
  and in 2013, he wed Maria Chavez, who survives him, along with his
  children and his 11 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren; and
         WHEREAS, Throughout his lifetime, Ramon Vasquez y Sanchez
  sought to root out injustice and illuminate the richness of Mexican
  American heritage, and although he will be deeply missed by all who
  were privileged to know him, they will treasure their memories of
  his wisdom, compassion, and wry sense of humor; now, therefore, be
         RESOLVED, That the Senate of the 88th Texas Legislature, 1st
  Called Session, hereby pay tribute to the life of Ramon Vasquez y
  Sanchez and extend sincere condolences to his family, to his many
  friends, and to all who mourn his passing; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
  prepared for his family and that when the Texas Senate adjourns this
  day, it do so in memory of Ramon Vasquez y Sanchez.