88S30009 ANG-D
  By: Gervin-Hawkins H.B. No. 92
  relating to the establishment of community-based learning centers
  to serve public school students.
         SECTION 1.  Subchapter Z, Chapter 33, Education Code, is
  amended by adding Section 33.915 to read as follows:
         Sec. 33.915.  COMMUNITY-BASED LEARNING CENTERS.  (a) In
  this section, "center" means a community-based learning center
  established under Subsection (b).
         (b)  The agency shall establish, in collaboration with
  faith-based nonprofit organizations, a program for the development
  and operation of community-based learning centers in various school
  districts to provide students, including students attending a
  private school, course, or educational program using funds from an
  education savings account under the education savings account
  program, who qualify for compensatory education, as determined by
  the commissioner, with access to:
               (1)  technology;
               (2)  tutoring services;
               (3)  mentoring services;
               (4)  social and emotional support;
               (5)  outdoor activities;
               (6)  art;
               (7)  sports; and
               (8)  individually designed services and supports that
  may include treatment services, personal support services, or any
  other support necessary to improve academic and social outcomes for
  a student, as determined by a center.
         (c)  The agency shall adopt minimum training and skills
  requirements that each individual providing services through the
  center must satisfy.
         (d)  From funds appropriated for the purpose, the agency
  shall pay the costs for developing and operating a center.  The
  agency shall actively seek federal grants or funds to pay costs
  associated with the establishment and operation of each center.
         (e)  The agency by rule shall establish a procedure for
  distributing funds to a school district or other appropriate entity
  approved by the agency to establish and operate or contract for the
  operation of a center.
         (f)  In addition to money appropriated by the legislature,
  the agency may accept gifts, grants, and donations from any source
  for establishing the program.
         (g)  The agency may adopt rules as necessary to implement
  this section, including:
               (1)  rules regarding an application process and
  eligibility criteria to develop and operate a center; and
               (2)  rules for determining whether a student attending
  a private school, course, or educational program using funds from
  an education savings account qualifies for compensatory education
  for purposes of this section.
         SECTION 2.  This Act takes effect on the 91st day after the
  last day of the legislative session.