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Amend CSHB 2127 (house committee printing) as follows:
(1)  Add the following appropriately numbered SECTION to the bill and renumber subsequent SECTIONS of the bill accordingly:
SECTION ____.  Chapter 1, Local Government Code, is amended by adding Section 1.006 to read as follows:
Sec. 1.006.  FIELD PREEMPTION. (a) This section applies to:
(1)  Section 229.901;
(2)  Section 1.004, Agriculture Code;
(3)  Section 1.109, Business and Commerce Code;
(4)  Chapter 102A, Civil Practice and Remedies Code;
(5)  Section 1.004, Finance Code;
(6)  Section 30.005, Insurance Code;
(7)  Section 1.005, Labor Code;
(8)  Section 1.003, Natural Resources Code;
(9)  Section 1.004, Occupations Code; or
(10)  Section 1.004, Property Code.
(b)  A provision to which this section applies:
(1)  may not be construed to prohibit a municipality or county from building or maintaining a road, imposing a tax, or carrying out any authority expressly authorized by statute;
(2)  may not be construed to prohibit a home-rule municipality from providing the same services and imposing the same regulations that a general-law municipality is authorized to provide or impose;
(3)  does not, except as expressly provided by the laws of this state, affect the authority of a municipality to adopt, enforce, or maintain an ordinance or rule that relates to the control, care, management, welfare, or health and safety of animals; and
(4)  does not affect the authority of a municipality or county to repeal or amend an existing ordinance, order, or rule that violates a provision of the laws of this state for the limited purpose of bringing that ordinance, order, or rule in compliance with that provision.
(2)  Strike page 1, line 19, though page 2, line 11, and renumber subsequent SECTIONS of the bill accordingly.
(3)  Add any subdivision added as non-amendatory language to SECTION 4 of the bill by amendment on second reading of the house as amendatory language to Section 1.006(b), Local Government Code, as added by this amendment, and renumber the subdivisions of that section accordingly.