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Amend HB 2127 (senate committee printing) in SECTION 7 of the bill, in added Chapter 102A, Civil Practice and Remedies Code, as follows:
(1)  In Section 102A.002 (page 2, lines 30-31), strike "municipality, county, or municipal or county official acting in an official capacity" and substitute "municipality or county".
(2)  In Section 102A.002 (page 2, lines 33-34), strike "municipality, county, or official" and substitute "municipality or county".
(3)  In the heading to Section 102A.004 (page 2, line 48), strike "AND PROHIBITED DEFENSES".
(4)  In Section 102A.004(a) (page 2, line 49), strike "(a)".
(5)  Strike Section 102A.004(b) (page 2, lines 52-53).
(6)  In Section 102A.006(a)(2) (page 2, lines 66-67), strike "or municipal official".