Amend CSSB 9 (house committee report) by striking page 1, line 10, and substituting the following:
amending Subsections (d), (e), and (k) and adding Subsections (k-1) and (l) to read as follows:
(d)  The employment policy must provide that not later than the fifth [10th] school day before the date on which a district fills a vacant position for which a certificate or license is required as provided by Section 21.003, other than a position that affects the safety and security of students as determined by the board of trustees, the district must provide to each current district employee:
(1)  notice of the position by posting the position on:
(A)  a bulletin board at:
(i)  a place convenient to the public in the district's central administrative office; and
(ii)  the central administrative office of each campus in the district during any time the office is open; or
(B)  the district's Internet website, if the district has a website; and
(2)  a reasonable opportunity to apply for the position.
(e)  If, during the school year, the district must fill a vacant position held by a teacher, as defined by Section 21.201, in less than five [10] school days, the district:
(1)  must provide notice of the position in the manner described by Subsection (d)(1) as soon as possible after the vacancy occurs;
(2)  is not required to provide the notice for five [10] school days before filling the position; and
(3)  is not required to comply with Subsection (d)(2).
(k)  A school district shall post on the district's Internet website, if the district has a website, the employment policy adopted by the district's board of trustees under Subsection (a) and the full text of any regulations referenced in the policy. For the purposes of this section, regulations include any written document issued pursuant to a delegation of authority by a district's board of trustees or that implements a policy adopted by a district's board of trustees, including compensation plans, employee leave conditions and procedures, and professional development requirements. A school district shall make available any forms referenced in the policy:
(1)  on an intranet website that is maintained by the district and accessible to district employees; or
(2)  if the district does not maintain an intranet website described by Subdivision (1), at a district administrative office designated by the district.
(k-1)  A grievance presented by a district employee that is based on a violation of a regulation referenced in the employment policy adopted by the district's board of trustees under Subsection (a) must be considered timely regardless of when the grievance is presented if the school district has not:
(1)  complied with the requirements of Subsection (k); or
(2)  provided a copy of the regulation to the employee presenting the grievance.