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Amend CSSB 9 (house committee report) as follows:
(1)  On page 25, line 13, between "48.108(a-1)" and "and", insert ", 48.116,".
(2)  Add the following appropriately numbered SECTION to the bill and renumber subsequent SECTIONS of the bill accordingly:
SECTION ____.  Subchapter C, Chapter 48, Education Code, is amended by adding Section 48.116 to read as follows:
Sec. 48.116.  FINE ARTS ALLOTMENT. (a) For each student in average daily attendance enrolled in a fine arts education course approved by the agency under Subsection (b) in grades 6 through 12, a school district is entitled to an annual allotment equal to the basic allotment, or, if applicable, the sum of the basic allotment and the allotment under Section 48.101 to which the district is entitled, multiplied by .008.
(b)  The agency shall approve fine arts education courses that qualify for the allotment provided under this section. The approved courses must include fine arts education courses that:
(1)  are authorized by the State Board of Education, including music, art, theater, and dance;
(2)  provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the fine arts; and
(3)  require a student in full-time attendance to receive not less than 225 minutes of fine arts instruction per week.
(c)  The agency shall annually publish a list of fine arts courses approved under Subsection (b).