Amend CSSB 1396 (senate committee printing) in SECTION 1 of the bill, adding Section 25.0823, Education Code, as follows:
(1)  In added Section 25.0823(b)(1)(C), Education Code (page 1, line 55), strike "and".
(2)  In added Section 25.0823(b)(2), Education Code (page 1, line 57), strike the underlined period and substitute "; and".
(3)  In added Section 25.0823(b), Education Code (page 1, between lines 57 and 58), insert the following subdivision:
(3)  a period of prayer or reading of the Bible or other religious text may not be a substitute for instructional time.
(4)  In added Section 25.0823, Education Code (page 2, between lines 44 and 45), insert the following appropriately lettered subsection:
( ) Regardless of whether the board of trustees of a school district or the governing body of an open-enrollment charter school adopts a policy under Subsection (a), this section does not prohibit a student or employee of the district or school from participating in prayer or reading the Bible or other religious text during a period of the school day that is not designated as a period of prayer and reading of the Bible or other religious text.