H.R. No. 532
         WHEREAS, The ninth month of the Islamic calendar year,
  Ramadan is a time when Muslims reinforce their spiritual beliefs by
  fasting, worshipping, reading the Quran, practicing
  self-discipline, and helping the less fortunate; in 2023, Ramadan
  is beginning on March 22 with the expected appearance of the
  crescent moon and lasts for the remainder of the lunar month; and
         WHEREAS, During Ramadan, Muslims abstain from food and drink
  from sunrise until sunset in an effort to deepen their faith and to
  better understand the plight of the poor and hungry; Muslims break
  their daily fasts by sharing meals, known as iftars, with family and
  friends; and
         WHEREAS, Muslims have been a part of the fabric of America
  since the 1500s, when the first Muslims arrived as slaves with
  colonial expeditions; today, Islam is one of the world's major
  religions, with many followers across the United States and around
  the globe; and
         WHEREAS, While focusing on their spiritual growth during
  Ramadan, Muslims affirm their commitment to working toward the
  collective good of society and the well-being of people from all
  walks of life, and it is indeed fitting to acknowledge the
  significance of this special occasion to people of the Muslim faith
  who call Texas home; and
         WHEREAS, The first Iftar dinner at the State Capitol is
  taking place on March 29, 2023, providing a fitting opportunity to
  recognize the observance of Ramadan; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 88th Texas
  Legislature hereby commemorate the first Iftar dinner at the State
  Capitol and extend to Muslims across Texas sincere best wishes for a
  joyous and meaningful observance of Ramadan.
Phelan Guerra Muñoz, Jr.
Allen Guillen Murr
Allison Harless Neave Criado
Anchía Harris of Anderson Noble
Anderson Harris of Williamson Oliverson
Ashby Harrison Ordaz
Bailes Hayes Orr
Bell of Kaufman Hefner Ortega
Bell of Montgomery Hernandez Patterson
Bernal Herrero Paul
Bhojani Hinojosa Perez
Bonnen Holland Plesa
Bowers Howard Price
Bryant Hull Ramos
Buckley Hunter Raney
Bucy Isaac Raymond
Bumgarner Jetton Reynolds
Burns Johnson of Dallas Rogers
Burrows A. Johnson of Harris Romero, Jr.
Button J. Johnson of Harris Rose
Cain Jones of Dallas Rosenthal
Campos Jones of Harris Schaefer
Canales Kacal Schatzline
Capriglione King of Hemphill Schofield
Clardy King of Uvalde Shaheen
Cole Kitzman Sherman, Sr.
Collier Klick Shine
Cook Kuempel Slawson
Cortez Lalani Smith
Craddick Lambert Smithee
Cunningham Landgraf Spiller
Darby Leach Stucky
Davis Leo-Wilson Swanson
Dean Longoria Talarico
DeAyala Lopez of Bexar Tepper
Dorazio Lopez of Cameron Thierry
Dutton Lozano Thimesch
Flores Lujan Thompson of Brazoria
Frank Manuel Thompson of Harris
Frazier Martinez Toth
Gamez Martinez Fischer Troxclair
Garcia Metcalf Turner
Gates Meyer VanDeaver
Gerdes Meza Vasut
Geren Moody Vo
Gervin-Hawkins Morales of Harris Walle
Goldman Morales of Maverick Wilson
González of Dallas Morales Shaw Wu
González of El Paso Morrison Zwiener
  Speaker of the House     
         I certify that H.R. No. 532 was adopted by the House on March
  22, 2023, by a non-record vote.
  Chief Clerk of the House