H.R. No. 560
         WHEREAS, Proud residents of Texas House District 92 are
  gathering in Austin to celebrate House District 92 Day at the State
  Capitol on March 15, 2023; and
         WHEREAS, Located in North Texas, House District 92 includes
  communities in Arlington, Bedford, Euless, Fort Worth, Grand
  Prairie, and Hurst, and it is home to parts of the Arlington and
  Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School Districts; and
         WHEREAS, House District 92 is also a thriving center for
  business and commerce, and the American Airlines headquarters is
  located there as well as a General Motors plant; and
         WHEREAS, With its diverse population, rich cultural
  resources, and dynamic economy, House District 92 plays an
  important role in the story of Texas, and its residents may take
  well-deserved pride in their contributions; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 88th Texas
  Legislature hereby recognize March 15, 2023, as House District 92
  Day at the State Capitol and extend a warm welcome to the visiting
Phelan Guerra Murr
Allen Guillen Neave Criado
Allison Harless Noble
Anchía Harris of Anderson Oliverson
Anderson Harris of Williamson Ordaz
Ashby Harrison Orr
Bailes Hayes Ortega
Bell of Kaufman Hefner Patterson
Bell of Montgomery Hernandez Paul
Bernal Herrero Perez
Bhojani Hinojosa Plesa
Bonnen Holland Price
Bowers Howard Ramos
Bryant Hull Raney
Buckley Hunter Raymond
Bucy Isaac Reynolds
Bumgarner Jetton Rogers
Burns Johnson of Dallas Romero, Jr.
Burrows A. Johnson of Harris Rose
Button J. Johnson of Harris Rosenthal
Cain Jones of Dallas Schaefer
Campos Jones of Harris Schatzline
Canales Kacal Schofield
Capriglione King of Hemphill Shaheen
Clardy King of Uvalde Sherman, Sr.
Cole Kitzman Shine
Collier Klick Slaton
Cook Kuempel Slawson
Cortez Lalani Smith
Craddick Lambert Smithee
Cunningham Landgraf Spiller
Darby Leach Stucky
Davis Leo-Wilson Swanson
Dean Longoria Talarico
DeAyala Lopez of Bexar Tepper
Dorazio Lopez of Cameron Thierry
Dutton Lozano Thimesch
Flores Lujan Thompson of Brazoria
Frank Manuel Thompson of Harris
Frazier Martinez Tinderholt
Gamez Martinez Fischer Toth
Garcia Metcalf Troxclair
Gates Meyer Turner
Gerdes Meza VanDeaver
Geren Moody Vasut
Gervin-Hawkins Morales of Harris Vo
Goldman Morales of Maverick Walle
González of Dallas Morales Shaw Wilson
González of El Paso Morrison Wu
Goodwin Muñoz, Jr. Zwiener
  Speaker of the House     
         I certify that H.R. No. 560 was adopted by the House on March
  15, 2023, by a non-record vote.
  Chief Clerk of the House